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My Journey

I been diagnosed with Alopecia universalis since 17 years old, I am 25 now and I am still the same. This year is my first year I am barley starting to feel a little more comfortable with telling people about my condition. It is extremely still hard for me to be open about it, because deep down I still feel very different from everyone else.

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Alopecia for 8 years and still counting

Hello everyone, I finally have had the courage to speak up and say I HAVE ALOPECIA! Since the age of 11 till now going to be 20. It has been emotionally painful  having to loose my hair at such  a young age. Also, I came to a point where I hardly came out the house because I felt really uncomfortable for everyone to notice the patches on my scalp. I have also tried and experiemnted on various different treamnets and all have failed. I have now lost more than 80% of my hair and my eyebrows…


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Alopecia universalis treatment

Hi everyone! I am a new member here. Are here people who tried treatment with NAC and methyl forms of vitamins B?

I have alopecia since 2010 when I was 19. It became universalis in 2012. I never tried immunosuppressant therapy, however I know it could help if I try. But I believe that it could make things worse after treatment cancellation.

I am trying not to inhibit my immunity, but make it work on right way.

I tried different things, and last…


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Support group

Is there a support group in Cincinnati, Ohio?

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Masquerade, costume party at office - ideas?

Hi, i'm usually going "topless", with no wigs or scarfs, for years. And for the first time I want to emphasize my head on our annual costume party. Do you, dear friends, have ideas for "bold" costume? The only one I found it is about dragonmoon superhero, and it won't be familiar to my colleagues :)  

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Just diagnosed with frontal fibrosing alopecia

Hi, so glad to have found this forum, just before Christmas I went to have hair cut and my hairdresser was in shock at the loss of hair on my scalp since the last cut.  Needless to say he was pretty blunt and filled me in with horror stories.  I promptly went home and search Ed for a dermatologist in Melbourne who specialises in hair loss and managed to score an appointment on a cancellation.  Fast forward I had my appointment and apart from my diagnosis have been prescribed : aldactone,…


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Pregnant and stopped taking Xeljanz (for AU) - help!


I have Alopecia Universalis and had been taking Xeljanz consistently for about 3 years. Once totally bald, with Xeljanz, ALL of my hair returned. It was a miracle! 

4 months ago, I got pregnant, and stopped taking Xeljanz. About 3 months in, my hair started to fall out (seemingly overnight!). As someone who has been down this difficult road before, it is quite terrifying. :(

Post-pregnancy, once I return to Xeljanz, I am hoping and praying…


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Free Follea Giveaway!

Follea is giving away a free hairpiece!

(Click the link below for all the details and to sign up.)  You need to sign up by 2/1/18.

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Hello everyone,

A friend gave me a bottle of shampoo called Lambdapil.  I looked it up and it is a whole line of products for hair loss.  Have anybody used Lambdapil?  Let me know... thanks! Mari

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There's more to life than hair

"You can't even see it", the line you get when you first tell people about your alopecia. My mum first noticed my bald spot on my head, she didn't want to tell me at first due to my hair being my favorite thing about me. She worked up the courage over a week to tell me, I remember exactly what had happened in the moments leading up to this. I'd just finished work, mum was cooking tea in the kitchen and I was brushing my hair getting ready for a shower. A few weeks before I had asked my mum…


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I found a cure!

Hello everyone,

March 2016: I got AA 9 years back. It slowly developed into AU. I tried many doctors, many treatments and nothing worked. I started accepting my condition after joining this group and learned to live with it, which is a good thing. At the same time, I was starting to give up hope.

Two years back, I thought I'll try my last shot with Dr.Richard Strick. At first I was skeptical with the treatment. I have tried a similar one where the cream irritates the scalp and…


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anyone out there have experience with permanent makeup?  I’m thinking of getting my eyebrows done. I’m tired of having to draw them on each morning. Micro blading seems the way to go. More natural looking. Any thoughts?

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Hello. I have been diagnosed with alopecia areata. I have only had it for about a month and have many patches all over my head. I was just put on prednisone for 24 days and a topical cream. I was hop…

Hello. I have been diagnosed with alopecia areata. I have only had it for about a month and have many patches all over my head. I was just put on prednisone for 24 days and a topical cream. I was hoping someone here has had experience with prednisone and if it did any good. Also, if you have many patches, at what point do you know if you might lose eybrows or go totally bald? I am in need of support, This is just happening so fast. Thanks. 


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One year-ish post shave

I am here to ultimately say, that yes shaving my head was one of the hardest things I have had to do, but I have gained a lot of self confidence since. I no longer want to turn away in the mirror but have never seen myself as beautiful as I do now. My alopecia has motivated me to get more active and healthy in my lifestyle and become more outgoing. Although sometimes, days can be hard and of course firsts are always hard. Your first time shaving your head to start and following, your first…


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Surgeon with alopecia

I thought I would write a quick blog about my experience. I am currently 38 years old. I had a full head of hair for 37 years. I lost my older brother three years ago and was severely depressed as he was my best friend. Shortly after I noticed my beard was thinning out then about a year later I had a bald spot on the back of my head that my barber noticed. Very quickly I progressed to universalis. Needless to say I was shocked at losing my hair and how fast it progressed. I work as an…


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Has Anyone Ever Had Trouble Getting Their Wig Delivered From My Wigs and Weaves (.com)?

Please post or inbox your experience. 

My Wigs and Weaves is based out of Memphis, Tennessee and many people have paid them hundreds and thousands of dollars and never received their wigs (myself included) and can not get anyone on the phone or through emails.

If this happened to you, please share.

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Genetics and immunology of alopecia areata

berberine, curcumin, cordyseps, red yeast rice and salacia are all natural JAK1/2/3 inhibitors

I'm going to be taking these for three months...will get back with results

there is a microbiome connection mentions antibiotics checking rat induced…


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Newly diagnosed with FFA

Have any of you with FFA done any kind of blood panels looking for potential sensitivity to chemicals, food additives, food, etc. it looks for antigens in your blood that react to any of the above mentioned allergens. It’s a pretty extensive array of tests and is expensive, not covered by insurance. But considering this is auto-immune disorder that attacks your hair follicles, something has to be triggering this. I’ve read studies that sunscreen, Botox are a couple suspects. If any of you have… Continue

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So I know I shouldn't be shock or numb but for the past 4 yrs I have been so blessed with a lil one who know no different when it come to someone with or without hair. he runs around like nothing is wrong and I'm so grateful for that. 

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PRP=Platelet-Rich Plasma

Just a fuller head of hairs up! I have had substantial growth and less shedding since I began having my Platelet- Rich Plasma injected directly into my scalp. I had tried numerous things prior throughout the years since being diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia years and can honestly say that it has been working for me.

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