I have more information about our National Bald Day Out Event.

We are going to do a 2 - 3 minute video with PAH-FEST, a local movie festival! (http://www.pahnation.org/awards_yourtech.php)

A couple of member gave some input on what we should focus on for Bald Out Day in the Video:
• A short message defining alopecia
• Increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of open baldness in women
• Empowerment
• Our journey of how we have grown and what we have learned along the way
• Releasing our feeling of shame
• Promote acceptance

Pam also suggested that we should focus on the fact that bald women are beginning to come out of hiding. Here's what we look like, how we feel about being bald, what we live with, what we'd like to see from the public along with some of our stories of going about in public without receiving negativity.

The date for taping is Monday, July 13th.

We meet in the Colonnade Lounge at 10 AM to get our instruction and then go off and tape, after we have finished we return and will receive help to edit the piece. Then the pieces are voted on and the winners are announced at a closing ceremony on Sunday.

It will take place at the Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan in the Colonnade Lounge.

I know some of us have never been in public without something on our heads, but this is the opportunity to do it with others and I am sure it will be an encouraging and exciting time for you.

We can meet at 9:30 outside the Colonnade Lounge so that we have time to get us all together and walk in as a group. Most of us will be easy to recognize  I am not sure how long it will be so perhaps we may all have to grab a bite to eat for lunch in between. Bring you cameras, your smiles and your willingness to be a part of something positive for alopecia!

Please let us know if you will be attending so that we have an idea of who will be attending

I cannot wait to meet you all!


Cheryl Carvery-Jones

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