Hi All,

Here are my results after 9 months.

Notice, virtually no results until about 5 months

Note that I kept buzzing my head the entire time, hence no growth in length, just filling in.


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Hi Nicole,

You look amazing!!!!

Thank you Nat!!

Keep me posted how your appointment goes this week!

 I wish I could meet you for a coffee but I won’t be able to leave work unfortunately

Let me get this straight.  What have you been taking?  What dosage was prescribed?  I take it this product is not available in the United States.

just tofacitinib. 10mg per day then upped to 15mg per day after 6 months.

it is avail in US but most insurance companies wont cover it.

xeljanz gives you a 3 month coupon, but then it becomes outrageously expensive without insurance coverage so I (and many other on this site) get it generic from bengladesh.

The darkness in the last month is natural or is that from dye? Great results none the less!

100% natural!!!

i have done nothing at all except for the tofacitinib and buzz it every 2 weeks.

Nice, thats great results. Congrats. 


You look amazing! So happy for you. 

Just started Xeljanz on the 1st. Hoping it works.

What times do you take your AM & PM pills? With or without food?



I just take them when i wake up and when i go to bed. totally varies per day. AM with a coffee. I never pay it any mind!

You look fantastic !! So pleased for You :-)

where can you get this tofacitinib? you said you get it generic from bangladesh.. where? how please help!



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