Hi Guys,

Here are pics of my progress on Xeljanz at 6 months from start date with AT.

Slowly but surely.

I started 10m on March 1.

Hard to tell from side profile pic, but Right eyebrow was 100% gone and is now back.

All hair came in white and then i noticed one brown hair in mid June.

On Aug 10 doc increased me to 15 mg.

No side effects thankfully.

Pics attached.


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hi nicole super it will come patience i am at 6 ieme on xeljanz look at my photos that i post are similar except I have beard lol.
I order tofacinix a beacon pharmacy I wait to receive it I hope that the customs will not block my order I took two boxes ...

I still have 6 boxes of turkey.

im french

Wow you look fantastic NicoleT, your hair is coming along nicely. I hope it continues.

kind regards.

thank you Singh!

I have even more hair since those pictures.

Things seem to be moving more quickly now with the 15mg.

Will post updated pic on Dec 1.

And luck on receiving your meds from Beacon?

That is great Nicole ! Looking forward to your update pics. 

I havent received it as there was a problem with the transfer. How do you wire money ? 

We have a western union down here so am wondering if I can send money that way.

I really want to try them now since sooo many people have responded well. 

hello I was at my bank for me to do the transfer of substance I am waiting for receipt of the package I hope the customs do not block the package

I dont know about western union.

i just did a wire transfer at my bank with teller.

Thank you I will try that ! 

Hi Nicole, just wondering do you get your Xeliganz from India? Im getting mine from Turkey,but each time I have to find passenger to bring it to me in Canada, otherwise post / custom made me trouble. by the way your grow is amazing 

good luck! 


Im on Tafacinix from beacon pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh

I had it tested in a lab against the xeljanz from us and it came out the same.

They are great to deal with. I wire transfer to their bank in hong kong

I pay $15 for 30 pills. It ships straight to my door via EMS.

No issues with customs.

I email shamiul@beaconmedicare.com.bd

One time I shipped "name brand" xeljanz from India for $700 for a bottle via FEDEX and customs blocked. I recommend only EMS as your shipper.

NO fedex. Beacon is smart with this they recently switches to EMS as it gets though. Fingers crossed it continues!

Thanks for your answer, I’ll try it, I live in Canada and hopefully i can get in my door too. 

Thanks Kevin I will try that ! Am happy your getting results !

Have you received your generic tablets ? 

not yet it takes 2 weeks minimum before receiving it I am from France



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