Hello all,

This is my first post.

I have read a couple of studies about a almost 50% success rate on the use of Latisse for Alopecia Areata.

I have AA on my beard and get sometimes tiny spots on the scalp.

I started to lose a few lashes 3 months ago. After a month of so, since they kept on falling I went to the doctor and he suggested me to use latisse. I started 8 weeks ago and after 4,5 weeks the lashes stop to fall and last week I saw 4 or 5 tiny black ones coming out.

I am wondering for those that have tried Latisse with success, when did you start seeing results? Did it take this long?


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Hi - I lost most of my lashes on both eyes except for a small clump on upper of 1 eye. I don't remember how long it took after I started using Latisse. But most of lashes that came in new are white. I also used it on the bottom lashes news lashes came in white. It's the same with the growth of new hair on my scalp it's all white hair. I was told that there is a theory for the white hair growth. Apparently the immune system doesn't "attack" unpigmented hair. I don't understand it all but I am so glad to have my lashes back!! I also have some white eyebrow hair growing and I have used the latisse there but not on a regular basis so I think it's growing in on it's own. Not even thick enough to use for eyebrow hair though. Too bad Latisse isn't the cure for growing scalp hair and keeping it.

I used Latisse on my scalp on my front hairline - it stopped my FPB there and I began to regrow the hair at about 3 months - however, I became allergic to it : ( so I had to stop. If it has just been the intense itching I would have continued but it made blisters so I had to stop.

Hi, LilyBell, maybe stupid question but what is FPB???? I was afraid to use the Latisse, because when I asked the eye Doctor about it he said, don't it will turn my green eyes brown, and they will never turn back. he said it was almost impossible to not have some get into the eyes, I have heard that it can darken the lids too, I have been afraid to try it ever since. I wonder if it works anywhere you put it? They should be testing it, yould think that if it grows lashes it would grow hair no matter where it was put. Rather exciting to hear it stops the falling out. I had the same problem with Minoxidil it worked for me, but I became allergic to it too. Darn it anyways. Hope others will post here who have had success with it.

FPB is female pattern baldness. I do know it can turn eyes a brown - and the eyelids darker - I still have lashes so I have not needed to use it there and I do have concerns that I would also be allergic to it on my eyelids (yuck) but my doc said to apply it several hours prior to bedtime so you dont rub your eyes and distribute it into the eye. He has hundreds of patients on it and has yet to have one with the eye color change but several with the darkening lids. He said those with the darkening lids are OK with it as they wear eye shadow daily.

As an aside, my Grandfather had to use the drug that Latise was formulated from for glacoma and his lashed were so long I had to trim them from hitting his eyeglasses and he was 92 years old. I put the drops directly into his eye and his baby blues never changed colors. He used them for many many years.

Oh sorry, I should have known about the FPB...you would laugh at all the things I tried to come up with for it:) that's good to know about the latisse, boy the allergy on the lid would be bad, I'm going to ask my Dr about it when I see her next, thanks for the info.

My daughter just got this today for her eyelashes and eyebrows. We will start with it tomorrow. Her eyes are already dark brown. I hope it doesn't come in white! She has dark hair -- well, DID have dark hair.

I was losing one of my eyebrows - the outside third and I applied Rogaine 5% twice a day and it grew back very quickly.

Hi Sarah, I have read that in the study with 50% success rate, they messured the results in a whole year and for most people they saw results between 4-8 months. So first thing is to be patience. So a good thing could be to buy bimatoprost instead (5 times cheaper).

I am on the 10th week and logging my (no) results in a blog:

I saw I have two new ones today :).

Good luck



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