clinical trial of PF-06651600 And PF-06700841 selective JAK inhibitors

I recently saw an ad for a local trial for the two jak inhibitors listed in the topic. These are not xeljanz or jakafi, they are selectively jak3 and jak 1 inhibitors respectively. 

My son is not eligible as he's too young and hasn't had the condition long enough, but it is very promising to see new development on new drugs happening!

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Yes, I saw that too and it is being done in the Palm Springs area of California where I live. I went to meet the medical personal were is was being conducted and plan to stay in touch with them,

I would be interested to hear from anyone in this trial. I am in week 9 of the trial. I believe that there is a 50/50 chance to be selected for either the JAK3 or JAK1 inhibitor track and then a 2:1 ratio of drug to placebo once you are in a track.

I have moderate eczema as well as AU and the JAK inhibitors have been found to help with eczema as well. Within a day of being in the study, my eczema was noticeably better. 9 weeks in and it's non-existant. As for hair growth, I now have fine body hair all over, noticeable eyebrows, full eyelashes on one eye and a large-ish patch of hair on the back of my head and other smaller patches. I've had no noticeable side effects. My next visit is in 3 weeks. NeedLess to say, I am pretty sure that I'm getting the drug. I'm feeling optimistic about it.

Has anyone else had any experiences with this?


sort of related, but how did you do on the trial for Tralokinumab last year? last report showed you felt it was starting to work for you

Oh yeah, great question. I forgot I posted about that. The study design for that one was 2:1 drug to placebo for 4 months and then 2 months of observation. They were testing for improvement to eczema and AA together. It was an injectable dosage every two weeks.

The eczema got better immediately after the first injection and got better throughout the study. At the end of 4 months I had light eyelashes on one eye, light vellus hair on my eyebrows and a 1" diameter patch of hair on the back of my scalp, where the worst patch of eczema was (interesting result). Since it's a double blind study, I can't be sure but I am pretty sure that I got the drug because of the results. Shortly after, I believe that they were able to get another Phase 2 approved for the same drug at a higher dosage. I wasn't eligible for that updated study because of my participation in the first one.

After that study ended about 11 months ago to just before I started this new study, I did not grown any new patches of hair but I maintained all the hair that grew (eyelashes, light brows and scalp) and the patch on my scalp grew in length to about 2" long.

Right before I started this study, I shaved it down to about 1/2" and it's back to about 2" long, has grown to about 4" x 2" in area and has darkened to my natural hair color. I've also gained two other visible patches on my scalp that are about 2" in diameter each.

I just hit month 4 in this study. Had really good growth in the first 8 weeks and then slowed down a lot. I learned that the first month was a higher dose and then they lowered it in the following months. Progress is that I now have nearly full eyelashes on both eyes, eyebrows are there but not pigmented yet. Hair is present all over my scalp but very fine and more like fuzz in some places. The larger patches continue to steadily progress.

The study was originally set to be 6 months on the drug and then a monitor period. That has been extended. After the 6 month mark, they are going to re-randomize patients in their current group (two groups - one is a JAK1 group the other is the JAK3 group) and do another 6 months of study.

I understand that both the JAK1 and the JAK3 groups have seen positive results.
Thanks for the update!
How much information are you as a subject given during the trial? Are you told whether your dose is going up or down, or if you are in the jak1 or jak3 branch?
the study link (above) has a lot of the information on dosage, etc. they told me what arm I'm in. it's a double blind study so neither me nor the doctor know for sure if I'm getting the drug. But it seems likely at this point (based on regrowth results). I also tend to ask a lot of questions, and they have a lot of other studies going on too so I ask about those too. they usually answer what they can/know.

Month 6 update - the study got extended! The link above has been updated with the new duration. I thought it was a 6 month extension but the link says it could go up to a year. This is great. I finished 6 months and then had a month off the drug. After the month off,  they re-randomize within the track you were originally in (either JAK1 or JAK3).

In the month that I had off, hair growth continued but the eczema came back within a week of stopping the drug. I asked the doctors if others saw the same with regard to hair growth and they mentioned that some people continued growing and others stopped growing but nobody they saw seemed to have noticeable hair loss in that period. B

So I am back on either drug or placebo now, and in another two weeks, I’ll go back for a check up. Those who got placebo and have more than 50% hair loss will receive drug. Those who are on drug will continue. If I’m on placebo, it is likely that I will get drug when I go back. 

In in terms of growth - I’m at full eyelashes on both eyes and lashes beginning to fill in on the lower lid. Eyebrows continue to fill in, but still very light (they were pretty light back when I had hair...). Arm and leg hair are now noticeable.  The patch on the back of my head has filled in some more and I’ve buzzed it twice now, it has grown back to about an inch and a half long and covers about 1/4 to 1/3 of the back on my head. The fuzz on my head is now real pigmented hair, it’s pretty diffuse but it’s dark brown and the longest hairs are about 3/4” long. 

Still no no sign of any side effects. 

Anyone else in this study?


thanks for the update and for subjecting yourself to the trial

good luck! 

Thanks for sharing the update!  That's great that the study got extended.  I'm not in in a study but have been taking Xeljanz for 2 years.  It's grown back most of my hair but does not seem to help with my severe eczema.  Would be great to find a drug that works for both alopecia and eczema! 

That’s great that Xeljanz is working for you! For whatever I am on, I would take it for the eczema alone, it is like a miracle. I don’t think they are testing it for eczema in my study but I make sure to mention it every time I visit so that they capture it and hopefully use it for that also, if it gets approved. 

Hey Bekind; how did your january checkup go? growth still progressing? 





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