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New diagnosis - AA and wedding!

Hi everyone!

So I had Folliculitis and was able to maintain another outbreak for about a year. My old bald spot was about 2.5-3 inches long and I was wearing clip in extensions every day to give body and length til my hair grew back. I was feeling good until about a month ago it really started to fall out again. I thought it was a new outbreak and went back to the dermatologist but now I have AA! My clip ins still kinda work, but soon my hair won't cover the tracks. Today the clips…


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How and when I learned about my Alopecia


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Libby’s inspiring story of strength and love in overcoming the pain of hair loss

Charity Bailey, co-host of, is helping spread the word about women and alopecia by featuring the powerful story of her own sister's battle with the hair loss disease.…


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Scalp acne

My 11 year old daughter was just diagnosed with alopecia areata a month ago.  We started her on the steroid scalp drops and after a few weeks of use her scalp is now covered in terrible acne.  It's painful and seems to be more prominent in the areas where there's still hair.  The bald spots don't have nearly as much.  I can't get hold of her doctor and the pharmacist just said to quit using the steroid until I talk to the doc.  Anyone else had this reaction?  

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Feeling depressed about my wig

I got a wig a few weeks ago.  I spent $550 on it.  It is synthetic.  I like it, but to me it looks so fake.  I've worn it about 5 times now and I have a hard time getting the part right.  I feel like I have a melon on my head.  I still have a lot of my own hair left. I am losing it in top middle, on the sides and at the crown.  I don't know it that's what is making me feel like a melon head or not.  Also, I don't feel like I can do a lot with it (like putting the bangs back) without it…


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Starting Xeljanz

Hey everyone, So I was diagnosed AA on Nov, 2015. i have seen many doctors in the city and none of them have actually helped me. After a long wait, I am being treated by Dr. Brett King from Yale University. On July 8th, i had my first appointment. He wanted me to start taking Xeljanz but i refused to the idea of being exposed to Cancer and other side effects. So he gave me 3 pulses of prednisone of 350 mg that i took 1 day only and it would be good for the whole month.

At the…


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Wigs in summer

I live in Arizona.  Does anyone have experience or advice for wearing a wig in 100+ degree weather?  My job sometimes has me outside walking from location to location.  I bought my first wig yesterday and wore it today.  Luckily it went well and it wasn't as hot as it normally is, but I am stressing out for the days ahead. 

Thank you

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Holiday bummer

At almost 64, after 54 years of this nonsense (okay, okay...I DID have regrowth in my 20s and early 30s), you'd think I would not have any more down days over alopecia. First Labor Day Weekend since retirement, nothing to do, I cut my remaining hair to 1/4", then started reading a novel that describes Mary and Anne Boleyn's combing their long hair. Argh. Must. Avoid. Devil. Mirror. Send uplifting humor.

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Trial Xeljanz

Hey everyone! My name is Christos Kyrgios from Australia - just a quick post to let you know I am doing a clinical trial of the JAK inhibitor Xeljanz now. My friend did it, he has universalis like me and he got all his hair back after 2-3 months of being on the medication.

I am documenting + doing this trial to raise awareness and to test the viability of the medication. Exposure on this type of thing if successful will hopefully get the medication on approved government funding…


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Advise please

Hiya I'm really new to this, I was just wondering if anyone could help me as I have a big bald patch and it seems to be greeting bigger all the time, I went to the doctors and they referred me to the hospital which took almost 2 months to get seen as they said there is usually a 3 month waiting list, when my appt came through I was hoping to get steriod injections but to my horror the doctor wouldn't give me them and gave. Me dermovate 0.5 lotion and told me I must use this first and come back… Continue

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How do I help my child who is being bullied at school because of her alopecia?

Just last year my daughter, who is in elementary school, lost all of her hair. She's had alopecia areata for a few years but we always managed to cover her bald spots. All of a sudden all of her hair was coming out. It turned into alopecia universalis. At first she wore hats to school, then we got her a wig. Kids immediately made fun of her for not having hair and then for wearing the wig. When school got out for the summer she was so relieved. She had a great low stress summer but just…


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Living in a new country

I am married and living with my husband in Montreal for almost 1 year. I wore a wig coming here and haven't wore it since. I am from the USA and have had alopecia since childhood. I stopped wearing wigs years ago and just wear them when I am in the mood. I have noticed, here in Montreal, I am not stared at and people don't  feel like they have the empowerment to come up to a bald woman and ask me rude questions like they do back home. I am assuming the culture is different. I am curious if…


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I'm here

I'm here and doing good, though it wouldn't seem like it sometimes. I haven't had the best month I was in a car wreck July 31st so my car is gone. A guy ran a red light and hit my car on the back drivers side, I'm at least walking and talking so that's good could have been a lot worse. Well my nieces are started pre-k and going to daycare now so that is good. Man I must sound so weird yet I don't really care at the moment. On a different note I was the maid of honor at my best friends…


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4 Years Later.

It's been awhile. September 17th marks 4 years since I found my first bald spot on my head. My hair has fallen out 4 times now. Currently I have almost a head full of hair (again) and it's curly and fun, but no hair on my temples and my hair line is way back from where it used to be. I don't feel comfortable going without a wig on the daily. Now in the last week I noticed fresh spots and losing more in the shower. So here we go again. I found the best way to cope for myself is to push it out…


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My story. Who can relate?

I am from a small town in Nebraska Population Approx. 7,000+/-. I am 40 years young, a kid at heart. I love to watch sports, both live and on television. I’m an avid Husker fan and Kansas City Royals fan (#4 & #35) are my favorites. I have 2 furbabies, kitties, Calpurnia (Cali) and Boo. To Kill a Mockingbird references. I am currently an advocate for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors. I have my degree in Human Services and plan on using it to advocate for people with…


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Why is this happening?

Hi all those who have AA, AU or AT.

I have been through all parts of Alopecia symptoms in last 40+ years.

So here is a conundrum.

I am losing my eyebrows yet again but have started to see brown hair no white on my scull.

I refuse to shave my legs now I have some hair growing there but have no hair on my arms!

Just infuriating.

If anyone out there has had similar is going through the same do contribute to discussion.

I live in UK and do not get…


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Addressing alopecia in a job interview

I have started the process of looking for work. I have not had to interview since I lost my hair. I'm completely bald and wear nothing on my head to cover it. I would like to get advice from all the great people on here as how I should deal with the elephant in the room during an interview. Any help or advice would be great.


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Alopecia and active

Hi my name is Zoya I have had alopecia arrays since 1993 and alopecia totalis since 2009. I have been wearing wigs since 2009. I love sports have been an athlete in the past still live an active life and now starting this online store selling activewear for all kinds of women and mostly thinking about how to be beautiful during your training hours regardless if you wear a wig or not. I hope to get some support here. Thank you for any comments and feedback!

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The most liberating experience I have ever had

Hi fellow alopecia and hairloss knowers

I am so happy to be who I am.

This year I started my university days at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, studying my passion. At this time I was still uncomfortable to be seen without my wig (I have Alopecia Universalis)- with only close friends and family having ever seen me with my untanned head.

I wanted to be brave, to shake off the cloak that societal beauty standards insisted on wrapping around my adolescent body, but…


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