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New to the forum and looking for any advice!

Hi everyone, 

I found out three months ago that I have female pattern hair loss. My hair had been disintegrating for over a year but I didn't know what was causing it. I'm in my mid twenties and have a brother a year younger who's losing his hair too. I knew my dad went bald at a young age, but never in a million years would have guessed I could inherit the hair loss as a girl. 

My dermatologist has me taking 200mg spironolactone and using the 5% minoxidil foam. I'm still…


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Prednisone for alopecia areata (possibly totalis)

Hi everyone,

I've never written on a blog before so I am hoping the I can learn from reading about other peoples experiences but also get some thoughts regarding my own.

In the last 3 months my hair has gone from having one small 10 cent piece patch missing behind the right ear to multiple patches across my scalp and hair loss on my arms and legs (patchy).  By the time I saw a dermatologist on April 18th (with a complete battery of blood tests having just been…


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New to support group... looking for help and guidance

After exhausting all of my options and losing 95% of my hair I find myself here for the first time to get somebody answers. Any input would be great.

After 8 months on prednisone and seeing my entire body change BUT also seeing hair growth I slowly stopped. After just one week I lost huge amounts of hair that have yet to grow back and this marks a year with almost no hair.

First question- how to deal with wigs!!! I bought a very nice synthetic wig almost a year ago but I… Continue

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My life with alopecia

When I think about it, when I actually stop and go deep into thought to try and sum this up, the word that often springs to mind is “challenge”. Yes a definite challenge, but whom am I challenging? I guess I’m challenging myself, challenging myself to be able to focus on other things, my children, my husband, my job and my life, which are all blessings that I couldn't do without. It is said that “Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear” So who am I to question this? After all, I am… Continue

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I never imagined this for my 20s


I'm new to this so it feels weird to be typing my first blog post as an unidentified person but here we go...

I'm a natural blonde which people have told me is the weakest and thinnest hair type, but back in school my hair was thick and healthy like both my parents. It was only until around age 24 that I noticed how light weight my hair had become and before I knew it, my hair had definitely thinned to half of what it was. My part is much thinner now and my…


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Grew it all back

- When I first found out

First time I found out I had alopecia was back in October, I would get my haircut every 2 weeks. While my barber was cutting my hair he noticed a little bald spot on the back of my head. He told me surprised " yo bro you got alopecia ", he shows me the bald spot and at first I thought he had just made a mistake. I head home and do some research and I find out, my heart dropped. It was an autoimmune disease. (Back in 2010 I was diagnosed with vitiligo and it… Continue

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A couple with autoimmune diseases

hi everyone 

Iam new here :) ,, I feel really very comfortable here.

I have alopecia near universalis ,, married & we love each other som much . Recently we discovered that my husband has Ulcerative Colitis which is an autoimmune disease affecting colon causing bleeding per rectum & diarrhea but his case is not that severe .

now we R consenrned about having kids. we R affraid that our kids would inheret one or both of these autoimmune diseases . I dont want to…


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Making up for it

This blog is only for those of you who have gotten past the shock, false meds and trials, mood swings and negativity. What do you all do to make up for this loss of hair to still present yourself well? What do you do before walking out the door for that interview, job, party, reunion, trip, etc.? Let's give the newbies our best POSITIVE tips. I will start:

Make-up, eyebrow powder, one of several wigs with bangs and two colors to look more real, jewelry, and smile all on me. Age-appropriate… Continue

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My story

Hey so my name is Emily im 21 years old have had alopecia totalis since i was 6 started to lose my hair end of kindergarten and my hair dresser started to notice patches it took us months to work out what was going on then we got sent to a dermatologist where i found out i had alopecia we then for many years tried all sorts of treatments and they worked for a bit but always ended up losing it in the end we tried cyclosplorne dcp pednislone and more.

Then one horrible day my doctor said… Continue

Added by emily5 on May 30, 2017 at 5:20am — 2 Comments

Sad and feeling overwhelmed.....

Hi everyone! I'm new to the group here. After years of fighting with thinning hair and hair loss I finally gave in and bought a wig this week.  My mother has Alopecia and I knew at a young age there was a good chance it would happen to me but never expected it this quickly.  My youngest daughter died 13 years ago and that's when I noticed it getting worse. My Dr. confirmed it was Alopecia and that the stress I was under triggered it. I was amazed at how emotional I felt over losing my hair.…


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Hello everyone,

I wated to ask if anyone had an experience with their child loosing eyebrow hair too in alopecia?my son has had it since more than a year, will his hair come back,Anybody knows anything that works?

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Update on my alopecia

Hi everyone, I haven't written a blog for a while. I have now had my 5th dosage of DCP treatment to hopefully encourage an allergic reaction tricking my immune system and hopefully allowing my hair to return. I just wanted to know if anyone has had this treatment and if so was it successful ?

Added by Lucy on May 26, 2017 at 6:05pm — 2 Comments


I'm a 24 YO female and I've had AA for about a year and a half now. I've done the whole routine of shots, creams, different hairstyles, stress relieving activities etc and nothing has seemed to work. There's days I accept it and days that I hate it more than anything.

I think the hardest part is trying to talk to your family/friends about it and getting angry that they keep saying "It's just hair. Everyone around you loves you no matter what. They don't care that you're losing your… Continue

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Wigs or not

Since buzzing what was left of my hair I haven't had the desire to wear any wigs. It just doesn't feel like me. I have also lost my eyebrows and lashes. The loss of my eyelashes almost feels worse than loosing my scalp hair. However, with makeup I am coping.

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Having a tantrum and feel like a 2 year old

Well, what can I say? I hang my head about my shameful, childish behaviour today. What a tantrum I had. Even threw my wig over the balcony into the garden 2 floors below. The reason? I have washed it 3 times in the last week trying to get it not to bunch up in the back. I don't know why it is doing this, it rarely happens. It is a remy hair wig and usually I don't have this problem. I am over it!

Since I lost (and found) my virgin Freedom hair wig I have felt so insecure about myself.…


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Hi I am new to this group. I am looking to meet like minded people that can support me, I experienced hair loss, bald patches due to the use of treatments etc and launched the hair heals campaign. Really looking to get a group of people that understand me together and assist in raising awareness here in the UK.

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The Creation Of A Bald Princess - Ella The Enchanted Princess

Here is why and how Ella The Enchanted Princess was created. She was created because of what I learned when I was going through the challenges of Breast Cancer. I found out what was really important in life and it was definitely not my hair. After losing my hair to Breast Cancer, I realized that Bald Is Beautiful and that being bald doesn't change who you are! I didn't hide my baldness, because I knew I was the same person with or without hair.

It didn't make a difference to me if… Continue

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Polish Alopecians near Tarnow

After wondering about the four people with alopecia over several generations in my family tree, I have been missing the obvious option to trace this: AlopeciaWorld! If anyone can tell me the present and past (1800s and earlier) prevalence if AA, AT, and AU in Wierzchoslawice, Poland (particularly in the Bogusz families), please let me know! I am also about to do the DNA test...but I hear there is a DNA test with another company that focuses on males. Out of those I know since… Continue

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Covering Partial Hair Loss

Does anyone have a cosmetic solution for partial (50%) hair loss? I have been using Topik spray for my daughter with progressing AA and it's getting difficult to achieve a natural look. She is not quite ready for a wig. She is 9 years old and I am hoping someone here has dealt with this successfully and can give advice. Thanks

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Freedom Wig Repair question

Hi Everyone

I am new to this website and wondered if anyone can help.

I have been suffering with AT for the past 4 years and have been wearing freedom pieces. I sent one of my freedom pieces in over 6 months ago to be repaired and have been informed that mine is in the next batch to be repaired. I have also been told that owing to the extensive damage it may"die during the repair process"!

I only worn the freedom piece for 12 months and yes there was a bald spot…


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