Once upon a time, fairytale princesses all looked the same. They were thin despite eating all of those rich castle feasts. They had long flowing hair, big almond-shaped eyes and fair skin. They had full, pouty lips and they never had smudged makeup or bad hair days. The only difference between any of the princesses out there was their hair color.


And then one day, people began to wonder why, largely because their children would ask why there were no princesses that looked like them. That’s when the hustle to make a princess that every little girl could relate to and look up to began. Soon we had princesses with devilishly curly hair, princesses from every ethnicity, and princesses that seemed to speak to all the young girls out there.


Except for one type of girl…the bald-headed girl. It’s hard enough on a little girl to be diagnosed with cancer or have alopecia. It’s even harder when she feels like no one looks like her. Even worse, she feels like everyone is staring at her. For a child that is fighting for her life, or just trying to be normal,  even the simplest joy can help her cope with being bald.


That’s why we need a bald princess. A princess that is just as beautiful as the rest. The only difference is that she has no hair. And she’s not ashamed to show it. She says no to wigs and hats and embraces what truly makes her beautiful.


Because her beauty is not in her eyes or lips. It’s not in her gorgeous gown either. It shines from within, making whatever is on the outside unimportant. Her brilliant heart full of love, her kindness to others that she gives freely because she knows what it’s like to endure cruelty, and her unfailing hope are all her most precious gifts to those whose lives she graces.


I didn’t wait for Disney to create a beautiful bald princess for all the bald little girls out there. I created her myself because I know what it is like to lose all your hair and have people stare at you. Her name is Ella The Enchanted Princess, and I think you’ll agree that she’s as beautiful as any other princess around.


Why make all princesses the same when none of us are the same? Our differences should be celebrated because they are what make us all special and beautiful. Little girls are the most fragile creatures of all, but none more so than little girls that are fighting for their lives. Ella The Enchanted Princess gives them the strength to keep fighting and helps them realize their own unique beauty to embrace wholeheartedly.

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Comment by Tom Martin on February 11, 2019 at 2:27am

Every woman should feel like a princess. Thus princesses shouldn't be perfect. They just have to know how to behave correctly in any kind of situation, gracefully and with dignity. Also, they should take care of themselves, even though they may have a busy schedule or a family. Just a simple facial Norfolk VA is enough to make you feel special, renew and even more beautiful.


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