Yesterday I was on the bus to work. A bald woman got on the bus and I immediately wanted to go talk to her and ask her how shes dealing with the hair loss and if she wanted to go to the healing rooms ( to get prayed for, for healing) I said "hi, I was wondering, do you have alopecia like me"? She said "no, I'm going through chemo". I felt so terrible. I'm just bald and healthy but she is bald because she has cancer and is going through chemo. I felt absolutely terrible. I then encouraged her to go to the healing rooms in DC to get prayed for. If anyone is in the DC area and needs prayer please go to the healing room ( healing rooms of Washington DC ) on Saturdays noon-4pm. 5671 Western Avenue NW,Wash,DC. If you are not in the dc area just go on the healing rooms website and look for a healing room in your area.

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Comment by Natalie on September 21, 2011 at 2:30pm
Hi Alexis! I also live in DC! Once in awhile I'll see people on the Metro or the bus with no hair/eyebrows, and I'm always tempted to go up to them and say something like "Oh, do you have alopecia? Me too!," but I usually chicken out :( Hope you are having a great week! Have you gone to any of the street festivals recently (H Street last weekend or Adams Morgan the weekend before?) Take care :)
Comment by Alexis on November 11, 2011 at 1:03pm

me too!!!!! I always want to ask but i dont, no I havent I will look out for those in the summer though!!!


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