Hello, everyone, I am new to Alopecia World and relatively new to the world of Alopecia. I started losing my hair last September ('09) and finally shaved my head in December ('09) when I was tired of sweeping the bathroom floor everyday. If it is true that God knows every hair on your head then I feel really sorry for him and he should take up better hobbies!

Probably like everyone else, I had a few bouts of spotty alopecia that my friends always blamed on my stylist for cutting me too short and "shaving me bald" (I have had really short hair for the last 8 years). Always, it grew back and my mom would say..."yes, my dad had hair like that and he would use shampoo for mainge ( I don't know if the spelling is correct, you know, the bad dog fur) and it would come back", that was the precursor.

Last Spring, my husband got an opportunity to move to Germany to work at a company that his company had acquired. Things at my job were changing so it was a good time to make a life changing decision (if there ever is a good time). My hair started to fall out in September, before we had made the decision to move, but everyone agrees that the debate and the final decision to leave was my stressor that started the process. I did have a job that I enjoyed and realtionships that I had forged but in the end I feel that I was happy with our decision to leave the States. I am happy here, get more excercise, and think that I eat better, but I still have NO hair (except on my left big toe!!!). It just really aggravates me that everyone thinks there is something more that I should do to make it better. My husband asks "Are you getting exercise?", "Are you taking your thyroid medicine?"...all these things about WHAT I should be doing. Is there really anything that I should be doing. I personally think it is bad genes (did I mention my dad had rheumatoid arhtritis?). If anyone else knows anything else please let me know. I will just be sitting here in Bavaria checking the sight for some support and useful information.

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Comment by Clara S. on May 26, 2010 at 9:29pm
Welcome!! I can totally relate to your story! I moved from Vancouver to Singapore and it seemed like my AA just accelerated until I just shaved off all my hair! It could have been a factor but I really don't know.

haha if I can count the number of times people have offered their well-meaning advice of what I could do or not do or accused me of doing to cause this hairloss ....LOL. depending on my mood...and their attitude...i respond either really nicely or really sarcastically :) Its so great to have this site where you can meet others who can really relate! Since finding this site, I feel like I've found my voice and no longer feel guilty over my hairloss. I mean it's not my fault! It just happens!
Comment by Petra on May 27, 2010 at 5:25am
Grusse Melanie, Were in Bavaria are you living? I wish I was able to take a trip over - I miss Germany alot.

I am glad you found this site. The people here are GREAT! You will definetely get the support you are looking for.
Comment by Melanie Maurey on May 27, 2010 at 6:19am
Thanks to everyone for the comments and support. I am not sure if I am doing this right as I am wanting to reply back to all of you and I may just be sending myself this message.....Anyway, I am living south of Munich close to Wolfratshausen. It is an absolutely beautiful country with so many things to see and do. I am wearing a wig everyday so the neighbors don't know that I am bald. I am just about ready to let the charade go but, my nine year old daughter doesn't want people to know that I am bald so, I keep it on for her. With all the outdoor activities though, it is getting really hot under there. Does anyone know a trick for wearing these things in the heat of the summer? This will be my first summer as a bald woman and I can tell already that the wig is really going to bother me.
Comment by Carmen Dayhoff on June 4, 2010 at 11:56am
Melanie, thanks for the message. I look forward to your return to the states and to meeting you some day. Mean while living with AU is... well, it is. My suggestion for the summer is to consider wearing scarves and / or hats in the summer.
And I understand how you feel about your daughter, but perhaps there is a fun way to get her involved in your decision to go bald, if that is what you decide to do. Around here I have met one girl who goes publically bald and it has made her quite popular; perhaps the same could be true for someone who's mom is bald. Also I got a hold of a great book suggested on her called The Big Fall Living with Hairloss by Sheila Jacobs. The author describes how she dealt with going bald at an adult age, information about the condition, and many other things. It's a really good book. Look through the suggested books on here and see which ones speak to you, but perhaps reading about people's experiences will help you with your experience and to not feel like your the first to go through all this stuff. Talk to you soon!


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