A poem by Brianna age 10

I have alopecia areata and it is not cancer.
When I found out I was healthy
it was the happiest answer.

I cried at first , knowing that I would have no hair.
Shortly after Christmas by head was completely bare.
No matter what I do, no matter what I say,
my hair might never grow back, all I can do is pray.

I know I look different to many of you,
But thank god for my friends,
they know just what to do.

I am just like you. your average preteen.
I like to have fun and check out the scene.
I may not have hair, but that is ok.
I am true to my friends every day.

Hair doesn't matter, it's the person inside,
I am me, there is no longer a need to hide.

Kathleen D Weibe · Nov 1, 2009

Life Of An Alopecian

I don't know where, where to exactly to begin
Being judgmental should be a mortal sin
Don't look at me like I'm outrageous
Alopecia Areata Isn't contagious

My spots maybe be small, big and round
But there is always someone who has it in your town
Alopecia Areata doesn't discriminate
Any one can have from birth to 108

I have no clue why it had to pick me
Genetic, Stress or just Hereditary
All I know that there isn't a cure
I've tried all the treatments that's for sure

Hair follicles are in a sleeping state
When I lost all my hair was the icing on the cake
Doctors really don't know why
But when they told me all I could do was cry

Found myself all alone and in pain
Thought I was going to go practically insane
Made a few call and met a friend
Slowly my hurt and confusion came to an end

I've come along way not to hide my head
Use it as a strength and to my advantage instead
If you don't understand and want to know more
There is valuable information out there that's for sure

Don't hate me because I have almost no hair
You can talk and giggle honestly I do not care
The smirks, whispers, and goofy looks
One can educate themselves by reading a book

There might be a slight difference between you and me
When you notice an Alopecian don't look at them any differently
I'm still alive and sent from above
Alopecians Such as my self Value the true meaning of love

Next time you see and Alopecian Walk by
I implore you do not hesitate to say hi!!

by Ashley Breban

As I arose from my pillow
Awake but solo
Feels like I’m having a nightmare
Nothing but me and a mirror looking in despair
Everything’s just a blare
Forcing myself not to stare
This person has no hair
Struggling for air
Because its no longer a dream
Negative thoughts
I’m ugly!
Trying to scream
What’s wrong with me?
Nobody is going to like me
But the main question that I continuously asked is, Lord why me?
I fall to my knees in sorrow please forgive me Lord what have I done wrong?
It was so hard to stay strong
Crying my heart out to someone you cannot see nor hear
The only thing I began to know was fear
Tried to hide my baldness with scarves
But in my heart it was carved!
Alopecia Areata
In and out the hospital
My hope weakening
No longer, I was not strong
My self-esteem was all gone
I blocked everyone out of my life including the ones who cared most
It was time to take a dose… Of faith!
Tired of holding in hate
Began praying
My complication was fraying
No more to be hurt this problem was adjourn
No more a concern
This is when I was diagnosed
But now thanks to God all my worries dissolve as if it was a horrifying ghost



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Comment by Wendy on January 3, 2014 at 12:00am

you are beautiful.  I am looking into bonding systems for my daughter.  Maybe you would be interested, you can swim with them.  God Bless


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