AA, eczema, fatigue and weight loss. Can anyone explain?

Hi all..

Can anyone help me with the following. 

Got AA a couple of years back. 1 big egg sized (goose egg) on the back of my head and a tiny weeny patch on the top. All grew back with the help of a steroid and making my diet a lot better (cutting out sugar etc )

However at the same time I have developed eczema on the back of my neck and scalp, I have lost a lot of weight (which i quite like) and I am so tired all the time. Quite often feeling disorientated and anxious when my fatigue is at is height. I still get the occasional patch but I pop some steroid cream on it and make sure I stick to my diet and my hair grows back quickly. 

Doctors say it is just "one of those things" "no cure" etc. I am getting frustrated with this now. Surely there is a way of addressing the fatigue and the eczema. IT IS SO ITCHY. I know it can not be cured, but I really want to make the conditions more liveable. 

I had blood tests originally when I had AA but nothing outstanding. Should I go back again and demand a blood test? Are there any tests I should ask for? Maybe I should be cutting out gluten in the meantime?


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Comment by Vicki on April 10, 2014 at 6:52am
Hi Hayley,
Did they check your thyroid levels, this could account for the fatigue, hair loss and weight loss. The eczema is just another auto immune disease that goes along with all the others. I am 44 and have had eczema my whole life. Managing it with a little steroid cream for the break outs is a good idea but keeping moisturizing cream on it the reat of the time will help the itchiness. Sometimes eczema is triggered by foods you eat. Allergy testing could help you identify those foods.
Comment by Rose Marie' on April 10, 2014 at 8:26am


I would definitely go back to your doctor and discuss your issues.  There are about 88 auto immune conditions and often when you have alopecia other conditions will also show up.  In my daughters case, she has AU, Eczema, anaphlactic food allergies and crohn's disease.  I have many people I help that also have thyroid conditions.  So, do go and get this all checked out as these things can and should be managed so your life is not so difficult. 


Comment by Molly Vazquez on April 14, 2014 at 11:37am

Hey Hayley,

I had the same symptoms- Eczema, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, rashes-

What I came to realize is that all disease comes from the inside out which means the only way to rightful eliminate all symptoms is literally what we choose to put inside.

 When I was 12 with Alopecia and my mom allowed me to become homeschooled I devoted my life and teenage years to figure this disease out so that when I got my hair back (and I did) than I could share it with everyone who feels exactly like I felt. I hope you find this helpful as my goal is to inspire :)


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