As some people know I was really worried about my trip to the new university, well mostly because of my looks. I'm really glad that people accepted me and now I have a couple of friends with whom I share my interests.There was a couple of questions - "why did you cut your beautiful hair?", but they seem to understand and no one is bothered by my half bald head:D (p.s I really have to go shave) Still I was hoping to see someone with this illness, someone who could truly understand me, or just to feel that I'm not alone in this new environment. And sitting in the fist class waiting for our teacher I was looking through the people - all girls with long ash blond hair - like mine used to be (p.s It's Norway that's why everyone is blond:D) and guess what, the teacher walks in - and he has alopecia! De didn't say anything about it, but from what I could see he has alopecia:) I was sooo happy!:D And he looked great - confident, smart and happily bald. I really hadn't expected that, but it was a really nice surprise:)

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Comment by Calipso on August 27, 2011 at 3:32am
Good for you! I didn't chat with him yet...
great to get this kind of support, only to know that you are here not alone is a support by itself:)
Comment by Sanfra22 on August 30, 2011 at 2:07am
Dear Calipso,
I teach in a university and I think you should give people in that age range some credit. I find that university students are pretty open minded, and I do not think that they will judge you. More likely, it will lead to some interesting conversations where you have an opportunity to tell them a little more alopecia and help to raise awareness. Who else has such a cool look, right?

And the fact that the teacher has alopecia means that it's not all that uncommon! I am happy that you had that nice surprise on your first day. Take care!!!
Comment by Calipso on September 3, 2011 at 12:18pm
Yeah the students are great:) I'm lucky to be that age I guess:D


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