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Ashwagandha/Anthony William of Medical Medium

Hello ---

I have not been on here for quite some time.  Still coping with the alopecia areata and it has been 10 years!  I still routinely get kenalog injections when spots occur and so far it has helped.  I would just like to find out how to stop this though, like many of us.

Recently a friend turned me onto Anthony William of Medical Medium.  Of course I checked to see if he talks about alopecia and he does.  He recommends Ashwagandha and I wonder if anyone has tried…


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Tomorrow is the day

It has been a while since I have posted on here.  Been dealing with the hair loss in circular patches that sometimes group themselves or just singularly for 7 years.  The last couple of years rewarded me with a patch up front which prompted a severe part on the opposite side to cover it up.  That patch took a very long time to respond to injections and the hair has only grown in white.  Those white hairs accept nothing -- no hair color or henna -- ok, the henna slightly worked but the yellow…


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Coloring the white regrowth?

I am having trouble with posting in the forums section and thought I would try here instead.

My question: Is it possible to successfully color the white regrowth?

In the past I have only tried Henna and it made my white hairs turn yellow, hence looking more obvious than the white regrowth. I have a large patch at the top of my head up front which has been preventing me from cutting bangs since I need every hair on my head to cover up missing patches at the moment. I use…


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Do you ever wish you could blame your alopecia for something?

That is how I feel tonight. My alopecia struck me 6 years ago at the age of 35. It came 2 years after my second child was born. My thyroid was not being treated properly and I was depressed. In fact, depression has lurked in and out of my life for as long as I could remember. I have spent a lot of time trying to understand my situations in life. To this day it is unclear to me why I was handed the life I got. I know that sounds scary but if you were in my shoes you would question it almost…


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Your thoughts on AA and health insurance for the self-employed

Argh! I'm really stuck. I've had AA for 3.5 years now and until recently, had been spot-free since Xmas of last year. There is a 3cm on the top side of my scalp and I already went in to receive my requisite injections. Prior to this I had completely changed my diet and upon discovering that I'm anemic I am also Gluten and Dairy Intolerant.

We all know AA is sporadic, right?!! DH is on the verge of possibly being self-employed. So now we have to figure out the health… Continue

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Today I wore my hair my way. No barrettes. No side part.

I wore it parted down the middle.

My last patch showed up around Easter, above my forehead, right in the middle. It was about 2 inches wide. I was forced to part my hair severely on the side and use a barrette to hold it down. When the white hairs started growing was a challenge as usual, since they don't lay flat.....or respond to anything you do to them. But, I endured. The white hairs are now 2.5 inches… Continue

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It's hard to hold it together sometimes

A few weeks ago I went to a neighborhood Bunco. I was excited. It would be nice to hang out with everyone all in one place since we were all scattered during the summer. I tried to fix my hair as best as I could. I've come to peace with wearing barrettes, even though at the age of 37, I wish I didn't have to. I'm not trying to be younger than my age....but lately I've been having less confidence in looking the way I do and how my peers view it. Only a few know. OK, none really. If I go without… Continue

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Easter update

Last month on my Birthday I decided to start seeing a Naturopath. I had spent a long time researching and confirming with my insurance until I finally found someone. She's wonderful. She listens, she cares, she spends time with me, she is looking at the whole Frankly, the time I've had to put in with her is worth it.

So, she confirmed that I do indeed fall into the Hashimoto Thyroid category....meaning that my thyroid is terribly unstable in it's low state. It explains… Continue

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As of February 5, 2009....more patches

This one has already been treated but recently grew bigger...

Just found this one today...

Among other Dr. increased my synthroid to 100mcg from 88mcg. I'm also weaning off of zoloft. I started 2 weeks ago and I am so happy to be doing this. Despite the hair loss, I think that I am at a stable point in my life. I hope that by getting off of zoloft (it's been 3.5 yrs.) I can… Continue

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1/10/09 where i'm at...itchy

I feel so messed up today. Thursday afternoon I went to see my dermatologist and she found 2 more small bald patches. We agreed to treat them with squaric acid and injections since so far, I've had regrowth every time. But, it's the side affects that are bothering me at the moment. The spots on my head were really itchy yesterday and as long as I don't touch them and get the cooling gel on quick, then everything there is ok. But it's my neck that has a rash on the side now. I haven't… Continue

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Starting 2009

Here's me starting off 2009 with a growing bald patch. This patch was already treated with squaric acid and injections a month or so ago....but it looks like some more hairs have fallen out. And there's another small patch I have up near my forehead that seems to be growing. Ugh.

I'm going for a haircut and color tomorrow and hopefully we'll be able to blend the bald patches in....again. *sigh*

What a wild goose… Continue

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Not again! NOT AGAIN!


I just asked my husband to check the top of my head as something up there did not feel right. Another missing patch of hair!!!!!! It's a perfect circle in the size of a quarter, in the middle of my center part toward the back.

Hair has been falling out like crazy lately. This morning and this evening I was running my hands through my hair and pulling out entire strands my the dozens. In the shower my hands have been covered in hairs… Continue

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More squaric acid

Yesterday I went to the derm. for my usual....Still have one bare patch near my forehead that did not respond to the last round of squaric acid. So, yesterday I got some injections and more squaric acid applied. Yup, it's already itchy....except this time I have the prescription strength clobetasol propionate I don't scratch the stuffings out of myself this time.

My other patches are growing in with their usual whitish's only a matter of time again when another… Continue

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A trip to the salon

So, my brother is getting married next weekend. It'll be the beach....probably windy.....*sigh*

Caved in and went to the salon to get some highlights and a cut. My hair lady chose 2 different highlights to use: blond and brown. I'm a strawberry blond.....

I'm pleased that using 2 different shades has given more texture to my hair so as to better conceal the "crisis" I've been dealing with on my head. I hope that it won't be too windy since a lot of pictures… Continue

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