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So I went out to the bar with my husband to listen to his friends band. The band was ok, the venue was crappy so I couldn't really understand the lyrics, but hey. I only drank two beers the whole time we were there and we went to bed shortly after getting home. It was a pretty relaxing night.

Then I woke up about 5:45 in the morning with a feeling like a flaming knife was lodged in my throat. This used to happen when I went to a bar, because smoking was permitted in Oregon until January… Continue

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Bad day - over for the moment.

I work tonight so I don't know why I'm up, just to see how everyone is doing I suppose. I'll catch a nap here in a minute. Thanks to everyone for their ever - sweet comments and support. Love you guys.
Have a beautiful weekend.

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Have you ever thought?

J.H.C.!!! I'm never going to make it. I'm incapable of securing sanity for anyone at this point. I'm angry and disappointed. I refuse to believe this is real. My family would rather I die or be a goddess - stupid baldness not giving me super powers.

I wish I could be saved - not by a religion but a prince -saved.

Am I the only one suffering in this moment the you will never do any better syndrome?



P.S. I wish I never had children to spare them… Continue

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Stage Makeup

So I'm taking this online course about stage makeup. I did my first assigned look yesterday and I wanted to post the picture here, but I can find the danged files. (Does this have something to do with the pink lemonade I spilled in my laptop two nights ago? - Probably). At any rate before they disappeared I made a slide show and it's at my youtube account if anyone wants to check them out.

Also I don't know if I mentioned this but I am renting a house that is for sale. It sucks because the… Continue

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New for the New year?

Well not exactly. I'm still lazy, but maybe just a little less. I haven't been exercising daily as I'd planned and we failed at 30 days of no spending, but we're going to give that another try. I quit my job, for fear of being sued by a psychopath (no literally a pyschopath who is sue happy) I know that she'd lose, but I don't want to explain at every interview why I went to court. I've got to get another job. I'm very behind on my school work this term. I apologize for not being around as… Continue

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Feels like my head is spinning

School, Work, Jury duty, Family, Friends and Intraweb? My word I've been busy and had a serious lack of sleep too! Everything is going OK so far though. Hope everyone else is enjoying their new year. I better go work out before the shower as I've missed two days in a row due to lack of time/sleep.

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Sometimes LOL is inappropriate

Like earlier when I posted a blog about my husband not being motivated to take control of his life and being skeptical that he's going to succeed and I 'LOLed' it off. Well I just published his second video on youtube (I never watch them first and he does one take no edit) It's worse that I thought, the man is practically giving up. How do I motivate that? How do I stay motivated myself at the same time?

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Super Excitement!!

I know I know I haven't been around a lot lately ... I'm going to make an honest effort to try harder in 2009. I'm SO SO excited for this new year - I feel energized. Plus I'm ready to reveal my exciting stuff.... *drum roll*. I have convinced my husband to really dedicate to weight loss *claps*. In fact we've even started a youtube channel that will track our progress. I'm thrilled that he's agreed to this, because making a public announcement of your goals is proven to increase success rate.… Continue

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Happy New Year all!!

Hi guys, it's Carmella, remember me? I'm the bald one with the sassy attitude ... oh right - I don't stand out that way here ... hehehehe. I'm the one who thinks that sunglasses = love, in that case. I've got a lot going on right now and have for a while. I have some really exciting news but I'm not quite ready to release it yet so patience please. Thank you all so much for staying my friends and not giving up on me when I went AWOL. I appreciate all your lovely comments and messages even when… Continue

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Update of Carmellaness

I've started working that night job. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I have to switch back to days by Monday for Clinicals that's always fun.
School is going ok, although I feel like giving up on the regular.
I wish I cold make enough money to buy a new pair of jeans and go to the spa for a day, even a half day.
I turned 28 and my good friend has the same b-day (she turned 21) so we threw her a surprise party.
I'll put up some pictures.

Added by Carmella on November 19, 2008 at 4:53pm — 3 Comments

It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll...

Thanks everyone who's been sending me comments and messages. I haven't forgotten about you I've just had to "back burner" alopecia world for a bit.


What's been going on in the life of Carmella? Hmmmm.... Well my kids started school which was a big adjustment for everyone and that went well. Then I started school and it was going really awesome, right until the third day. On the third day my landlady gave us thirty days to vacate the property. Now at first I thought… Continue

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What I'm going to do - even if it can't change things

So I ready this article earlier about Dale Platts (Thanks for bringing it to my attention Angela). This was the link I saw

but I found it on BBC news with a video too and found it to be even more touching in motion with audio.

At any rate my children (now in third and fourth grade) are getting questions about their mom at school now. I explained this story to… Continue

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Good day all

Thanks for those of you who commented/read my blogs, especially for not throwing stones as my complaining and venting had nothing to do with alopecia, here on my alopecia profile. At any rate. I'm going to be just fine. While I can not see the future I know that I will always protect my children, thanks to all of you who pointed out who foolish I was acting. I actually was unable to sleep because I couldn't stop planning for today. I wish I had logged on sooner ... maybe then I would not have… Continue

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Post Script

you know what makes it even worse!? I spent all day doing extra cleaning, taking care of the kids needs and I even gave myself a facial and did my makeup extra sultury for when he came home... and now it's smeared with tears and he wouldn't care anyway.

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It all started....

It started with him forgeting to kiss me when he got out of the car. Soon he was spending a couple of nights a week on the couch "so as not to wake me because he couldn't sleep". The next thing I know he's going out for drinks until two am in the morning with 'people from work'. We've never done anything apart in over three years of marriage (I'm not saying this is a good thing) in fact he demanded I cut contact with every friend I've ever had and I complied :(

Now he wants 500 dollars to… Continue

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So my school was being sued for years and recently they lost. Some doctors screwed up six years ago and the families of the patients sued and won. So what do they do? Raise the nursing student's tuition! Yeah, good idea. We don't have a nursing shortage and the nurses were the one's who screwed up after all so put it on them (heavy sarcasm). Anyway 2000 a term = 6000 more a year and I have to figure something out.

Then this wonderful scholarship presents itself. I'm stoked it's 5000 a year… Continue

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Master Cleanse day Four and a half

So Day three went pretty well. I wasn't hungry at all, stayed busy with house work and preparing for school, and felt pretty great. I didn't post because I was so busy and I really had nothing to report. The laxative tea that night however didn't work more than to give me a bit of a stomach ache for a short period. The next day (yesterday) however was a bit more difficult. You see my husband had the day off and we pretty much were lounging around ... we went fishing in the morning and the… Continue

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Master Cleanse Day Two

Still not hungry, surprisingly. The maple syrup I make the lemonade with has all the calories that I need for a day so I guess that's why. I have a bit of a head ache this afternoon, but that isn't out of the ordinary for me. I have however, registrared my kids for school, found a doctor for my son to see on Monday, delivered my husband lunch at work, canceled memberships I don't use, went to the bank and replaced my husbands Debit card (he left his in the ATM) and paid a dozen bills at least.… Continue

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Master Cleanse

Today is my first day of this 'Master Cleanse' (if anyone has heard of/tried it). I've been losing intrest in everything and gaining weight (nearly 20 lbs in 3 weeks) suddenly. I've always had chronic pain, that I self medicate with alcohol, as long as I can remember. So I've decided today to begin the cleanse - afterall having not missed a day to drink in seven plus years I think the toxins might need some help to get out. Plus I hear your energy will increase and lord knows I could use… Continue

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San Francisco Venting

I spent the last six days in SF. My husband grew up there and we had an ... alright time. I felt like we spent hours just driving around and trying to make other people happy. I didn't notice anyone with alopecia. I did notice that not a single person gave me a sideways look. The whole time I wished we were back in SLO, but his mother cried and then we ended up there. For a six day holiday it wasn't bad though really the only thing that sucked was his mom throwing a fit that the kids and I were… Continue

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