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If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing!

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I'm an artist and author living in Portland, Oregon, with my husband Ron, and two cats. I've had aa for about 45 years, universalis for 40 years.

The latest on my book, "If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing!" is that it is now available not only in the USA, but Canada, England, Australia, European Union, Germany, Brazil, Russia and Poland.

It was written a few years ago, so it's not completely up to date on the newest medical findings, but these are readily available on this site.

You can find it at www.Amazon.com and any other online bookstore, as well as the National Alopecia Areata Foundation Marketplace. The book can be shipped anywhere in the world. If you want to get it at your local bookstore, simply ask them to order it for you.

You can see me on TV for a short segment talking a little bit about the book. Go to: http://www.katu.com/amnw
Click "Being Bald."

Here are a few comments from readers:

"If only I'd had this book when I first started losing my hair to Alopecia Areata. Some stories made me cry. Some made me laugh. All made me realize that I'm not the first to have gone through this.
"Leslie Ann provides invaluable information on wigs, eyebrows and eyelashes. Eye makeup tips that make all the difference in the world.
"The best part of all about this book is that even the serious parts are related with a sense of understanding and underlying humor.
"I'm passing my copy around to all of my family members to read!"
- Ree, Alopecia World member(who says she has read the book three times)

"I read your book. I laughed.I cried.I enjoyed your art.
Most of all, it helped me to accept my new image. I've always thought of bald women as being beautiful. I just never thought I would be a beautiful bald woman! Thank you for your help. I would recommend this to anyone. Especially people with newly formed Alopecia."
-Crowned Regal (Annette)

“I could not put it down. I was up till 1 AM reading. What a great book! I wish it had been around when I was first diagnosed. Everyone with alopecia, or anyone who knows someone who has alopecia, should read your book. I will be sharing it with my family and friends.”

"...Emily especially enjoyed the “Don’t you just hate it when…” section. Never before has she laughed so much about alopecia. What a wonderful gift you have given my daughter, helping her see a lighter side to alopecia. I cannot thank you enough for that."

"...The part where the girl was in a car accident, her wig flew off into her lap, and her boyfriend thought it was a rat made me laugh! It was also very nice that you had the section for children, and for people who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. It's not easy to lose your hair for any reason. Plus, sometimes a women's hair after chemo is not as abundant as it was before, and you gave lots of ideas for how to augment thin or patchy hair. "
- Nicole

I wrote "If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing!" to help other people -- particularly women and girls --and it's one that I wish I had been able to find when I discovered I had alopecia years ago.

I have stumbled through all the stages of grief (feeling guilty because, after all, there are worse things than alopecia), figuring out how to look normal, bouncing from one treatment to another, buying and ruining or rejecting dozens of wigs, losing every single hair on my body, figuring out how to tell guys I was dating, living in fear of the wind and someone touching my head…all in all, going from heartbreak to acceptance to joy and confidence. And it's all in the book, along with experiences of others, advice on wigs, makeup, products, treatments -- and how you can celebrate your life with alopecia areata, go after your dreams, and know you’re not alone.

To buy "If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing," go to www.Amazon.com, at www.NAAF.org in their Marketplace, or click the link below.

Hear a live interview at http://www.insidescooplive.com/author-pages/Butler-LeslieAnn-readin....

Visit my author website at www.npauthors.com/leslieannbutler and click my name; and my artist web site at www.leslieannbutler.com.

And don't forget to have fun today!
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At 3:44pm on May 22, 2018, Kathryn said…

Thank you Leslie!  You’re beautiful too!

At 9:33pm on December 26, 2017, Lisa said…

Hey LeslieAnn,

Thank you so much for responding to my post. I have not been on AlopeciaWorld for a couple years now. I am just "coming out" and sharing my alopecia with the world after 50some years of being bald! Sheesh! What took me so long? =) 

I am truly inspired by knowing you have written a book for those like us! I saw another woman on here who has written a children's book. I am putting up a blog website very soon called creatingmyhappy.com. It should be up and running within a week or so. I plan to stay more closely connected with alopecia world in the future. 

Peace and Light to you, Lisa  :)

At 6:25am on June 27, 2017, JellyBeanToes said…
Thank you so much for your lovely kind comment.

I joined here years ago & now I'm back
hence the late reply (over 5 years late lol)

I'm currently having a hard time shopping for a wig
Just hope I find one that looks a beautiful on me as yours does on you :)
At 2:59pm on January 26, 2017, Midnite said…

Hi, I'm feeling kinda low on the self-esteem chart.

At 5:34am on May 25, 2016, luv said…
hi leslie!
thanks for your msg. should find your book it might help me gain more confidence :)
At 5:16am on May 25, 2016, Shanna McCormick said…

Hello love!

Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it. I only developed AU 2 years ago having lost all my hair in a short space of time (10 days). I haven't had any treatment as yet but  am starting cyclosporine tomorrow! :) xx

At 11:06pm on May 24, 2016, stardoll63 said…
Hello,I went to a dermatologist a month ago,she told me to that it was traction alopecia,Lately the top of Mt head,has been itchy and really sore,I wear wigs but they really itch,
At 9:38pm on May 24, 2016, Shasta said…
Hello, Leslie! Thank you for your message. I read your profile. You have had AU a long time! I am 2 years completely haur free. Some days are good and some are really bad. Ehat has helped you cope with it all?
At 9:19pm on May 24, 2016, stardoll63 said…
Hello, Thank you for asking, I am do great,I am really having a hard time, with my bald spots,I have been on a hair journey for 5 months,I have 3 bald spots.All I have is fuzz.very little,I have tried about everything
In March my hair start shedding in spots, so the hair,that had about 4 in length. I had to cut,it off,now i have about 2 inches all over my head,I am so sad about my hair,in the pass,I have been wearing weaves, perms color,I have been clean of all of this for 3 years now.I am African American, 63 years old.Is there any hope for me.Thank you Darlene Groves
At 8:58pm on May 24, 2016, Sarah said…
Hi LeslieAnn, thanks for asking how I'm doing! My response may sound weird, but I am trying to breathe deep and embrace everything in my life right now. Losing my hair is a constant I would rather not have in my life, but I am thankful it's my hair and not something more serious. I imagine I will be picking out a wig within the year. Your book looks interesting. Thanks again for asking how I'm doing. I hope you are doing well! Sarah




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