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I wear Parkhurst cotton berets, and buy them at Roberta's Hats in Victoria, mostly out of habit and loyalty (I am sure you can buy them in Vancouver). They usually cost around $14. I wash them once a week, and they last under a year for each one.

I have purchased bandanas at many different places, including Maiwa on Granville Island. I would like to try the Israeli scarf commpany that is advertized on many alopecia sites.

I sense that there still might be more options for head coverings, outside of Vancouver (ie. online).

Wigs & Toupees:

Maxine's Wig & Toupees
2585 Auburn Auburn St
Abbotsford, BC V2T 3S5
(604) 852-9382
Maxine or Darla Braun

Carries a wide range of synthetic and real hair pieces.

-She custom fits - no using tapes or glues to hold wig into place.
-Washes, cuts and styles according to face shape.
-Carries accessories (shampoo, conditioner, brushes)
-Sells hats/scarves
-Ships to anywhere once she has head measurements on file. If you stay with current style she will order, fit and ship. Only need to go in when changing styles.

When I wore wigs earlier on, I went to Eva and Co. Wigs. Eva ran the place back then, now I believe it is her daughter in law. Eva used to create many of her wigs by herself. It was quality hair and made to my own specifics.

I have a friend who started Abantu on Kingsway. It is family run, they are from Africa. Now Abantu is super alopecia friendly. I have talking to them about setting up a private room and possibly carrying even more varieties of wigs both natural and synthetic wig styles. It is sometimes a busy shop but the staff are friendly.

More to come on Abantu...

I get all of my wigs from abantu.  They will even special order wigs if they don't have them in the store.  It's nice to be able to try on before you buy too.

For hats, I wear Goorin Brothers hats. They have an amazing hat store right in the Heart of Yaletown across the street from Cactus Club. I like them because they have a wide variety of hats, almost any kind you can think of, and they come in sizes. Size is particularly important for me because without hair, I tend to have a small head and I feel like i'm drowning in most hats that I see and really wish I could wear.

Cat, did you complain and return the piece to Mohair?

My hair piece:
I wear a lace wig from It's a very high quality lace piece at about $450. (Though it does take about 6-8 weeks from order date to arrival.) I use GotToBe Glued (a spiking hair gel available at Walmart for $5) as an all over glue on my scalp to attach the piece. If I want waterproof attachment I use Supertape. The hair lasts about 1 to 1.5 years for me. I'm not super careful with my hair, so it's pretty good lifespan considering ;)

My hair dresser:
If you're in Vancouver, BC, I highly recommend a haircut from Beth, owner of Textura Salon in Kits. She is fabulous.

My eyebrows:
Very recently (Nov 2011 and Jan 2012) my eyebrows and eyeliner were done by an experienced Chinese lady in Richmond. (close up photos coming soon). She "designed" my eyebrows to fit my face and I said yes to it right away. She did hand tattooing (instead of machine-aided). It felt like an exacto knife against my skin - but the result was amazing - brow hair tattooed in natural hair directions and strokes. The price is $280 (Normally $480 for manual, $450 for machine), plus $10 when you go back to touch up. She handles some customers from home, which is why it is a much better price. Her home is professionally set up :) I was so impressed that I promised to spread the word for her! No website - you can reach her, Miss Wong, at 778-893-4568.

I wear the beaubeau, which is a scarf specifically fitted for all different head sizes. Her website is Her site is done really well. You can make a wish list, or just order them. She has specials now and then, as well as a clearance area. They're a really nice alternative to a scarf that has a lot of fabric and screams "cancer", and very...comfortable to wear.

They are spendy, but to me I figure totally worth it. I'm a big frugal, and this is one of the things I put money into once a year. I don't spend anything on wigs or fancy cuts and styles, so why not. She once even made one out of a fabric she had in stock, but not in adult sizes.

I usually purchase 2-3 at the conference and save on shipping. I let her know which ones I'm interested in trying, the sizes, and she will bring those specific ones for me to try. She and I became friends years ago when she was at one of the conferences. Her story is really interesting. I can tell you more on that later.


I currently wear a human hair piece from Eva & Co Wigs. It was a stock piece that I have had adjusted a few times to fit my abnormally small head. I normally deal with the owners, but I find most everyone that works there to provide excellent customer service. They really listen to their clients and try to please them as best they can. I get my wig washed and styled every month or so there and they always do a great job and provide quick service. They are a bit pricey, but I find my wig to be quite high quality. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in Vancouver.

Here is a scarf company I am looking at trying. If anyone would like to join me in an order, message me privately.

does anyone know if it is worth it to have someone donate hair and have a wig made? My sister and her friends all want to help....very sweet and lovely offer but not sure it is worth it!



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