Hi everyone,
It's sinking in that if you have one AI condition you're more likely to have a second...and with two, even more likely to have a third. What experiences do you have? Anyone know of any research or predictions? Thanks for sharing.....MB

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I have had alopecia since childhood, I also have auto immune thyroid disease and auto immune neutropenia! I'm not aware of any research or predictions that will help these conditions.
....That would be me! A month ago it all sort of fell together. Autoimmune conditions seem to happen in groups. I started with being hypothyroid, then alopecia areata, and now celiac disease. I feel so cornered. Although since giving up wheat, my energy level has improved significantly. I'm not sure the hair loss has slowed down, though. Hair seems to grow in quickly when I receive injections and squaric acid but, new spots form. I had no idea all these conditions were linked until I went to see a naturopath. I was tired of my regular dr. not being able to look at my entire picture. In fact, she wasn't even the one who discovered the gluten intolerance when I told her I felt bloated all the time and why is my stomach so bulgy? As for the alopecia diagnosis, it took a dermatologist to figure that out. Again, my regular dr. had no clue and thought it was ringworm. ouch. *sigh* I'm still learning to cope with everything at the moment. I've been gluten free for 6 weeks. The aa has been with me for 2 years. I've been hypothyroid for 7 years. I don't even want to know if something else is headed my way but....it makes sense to have all of these conditions together, I guess.
Misti....what you are describing sounds soooooo much like what I am experiencing. Despite, my thyroid levels being normal on levoxyl....I felt HORRIBLE!! Muscle aches all the time, very tired, cold, constipation, hair loss, facial swelling and the loss of sense of smell. I have been switched to about everything known to man...armour, synthroid, levoxyl, thyrolar.....nothing helps....oh well!!!
I had hyperthyroidism, have been on throid medication for 7 years. Also have Graves' disease and alopecia.
Hi All,

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 9 yrs ago after giving birth to my first daughter. I then was diagnosed with AA after my 3rd pregnancy 2 1/2 yrs ago and now am AU with my 4th pregnancy. Humm maybe I should stop getting preggers...lol I haven't been diagnosed with anything else but am wondering about the gluten intolerance also. Will keep you posted if theres a link there. I have been boosted up to 1.25 of Levoxyl and feel great no more chills although i am pregnant i haven't gianed too much weight only 20 lbs this time with 6 weeks left compared to the 60 lb gain with the other 3 pregnancy's]
will keep you posted if anything else pops up after this delivery but if anyone have infor on the gluten free diet please pass it along

I have alopecia universalis for 6 yers now and got diagnosed with hashimoto 6 months ago.
I was hoping to uncover a linkage between hashimoto's disease and alopecia totalis, both of which I experience, through evaluation at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. After a week of tests in December 2009, the primary response was a shrug of the shoulders. Mainstream medicine doesn't have much to offer at the moment it seems. I personally think that the autoimmune "clusters" may be progressive.
I have been hypothyroid for 17years, not sure if it's the same as Hashimoto's. I have been succesfully treated with Thyroxine but I have just been diagnosed with Scarring Alopecia.
I have had Alopecia Areata and Eczema since I was 2 years old. I was just recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. My doctor has ruled out Lupus - Thank God!! but I would not be surprised at what other auto immune disease my endocrinologist may discover.
Hi everyone,
(I don't check in very often.)

Lots of interesting responses here, thanks to all for writing in. I think we just confound the medical world and it's good we're comparing notes & experiences here. I sort of feel I/we exist in this parallel universe and just try to keep a good attitude, depending not at all on the medical people.

At the outset of my AU ~3 years ago I went non-gluten, thinking that would help, but saw no stemming of the hair loss. Eventually I resumed my regular healthy diet but have thought about another try, now that the 'process' is complete (ie, no hair left).

Anyone have regrowth? Does it stay? I had some starting in the summer 3-4 months ago; it still grows but it's flimsy & pulls right out.

Wishing well to all.....mb

I started with hypothyroid/hashimotos and five months after that diagnosis I got diagnosed with alopecia areata. 



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