Hi all,
I have never worn a wig or a topper but I am considering it. I have hair loss on the top and a widening part. I have a couple of questions about Toppers:
1) Are they cooler than normal wigs?
2) are they likely to blow or fly off in the wind?
3) Is the cap obvious?

I am so nervous about this.

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Sanfra22, unfortunately, I don't have enough hair that a topper would be an option for me. Hope there is someone out there that can help you that has more hair than me.
When my dermatologist sent me to a Wig salon, I was told me I did not have thick enough hair to hold any kind of topper or fall securely on my head. So I do not have experience with toppers or falls. I think it will depend on how much hair you have and what the particular piece has for attaching (combs and or grippers) to your own hair. I have seen a couple of people try toppers on and they blended in very nicely, but again not sure how well they stay on. I wear wigs and have found that some brands fit a whole lot better than others. I haven't had a wig "blow or fly off " yet...but I did have one slide off my head (it did not fit me right) when I tipped my head way back to look at something in our goat barn, and another (it did fit me) got hung up on a branch when I walked under a tree.
Thanks for your coments. All this headgear is new to me.
This is helpful. I think the best will be to go and try on different types and see how it will work. I have seen them on videos and usually undetectable, but you're not close enough to see any edges.
The revlon magic snap topper is great. They are much cooler and a lot more comfortable then wigs.



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