Hi. I am new to the site and new to hair loss and wearing a wig. I purchased a lace front human hair wig that was long and straight when I purchased it. However after washing it, it has become wavy and frizzy. I have tried a flat iron that helps some, but it often times just frizzes up again --I live in the south so there is a lot of humidity here. I had fine straight hair before I lost it and I don't know what products are good for getting rid of this frizz or what products can be used on this type of wig. Any suggestions?

Also any particular hairsprays that are best for this type of wig?

Lastly, I have heard it helps to get your wig styled by a professional, has anyone done this before? Can you go to any salon or do you need to find a salon that specializes in wigs?


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Hi Stephanie

I also had fine straight hair before I lost mine. I purchased a wig from an online seller that claims they have great quality hair. (Email me and I will share resources...I don't want to violate posing protcol here). I had it cut/styled by my long-term hair care professional (a pretty high-end salon) and it was only a few weeks before it started to 'wezz" up...gettin all frizzy, stiff, etc.

I did find some silicone based conditioners (spray in) helped but it got so greasy looking I had to wash it more often and then...the cycle started all over again.

The only solution I have found is buying better quality hair. It's worth in in the long run. I spent 400 on my lace wig, another 150 for cut from my professional, and probably about 100 on products. After all that the life of the wig was about 2 months before it got wezzy..3 months and it was dead.

I've since starting buying my wigs from another supplier. They say they have Virgin Russian Hair. Now, I can honeslty say I have a bit of doubt about that based on the quality of the hair (it's almost too beautiful to be natural. my hairdresser laughs and says, "yeah...this is THE hair that ever human could wish for..."). I have it cut and styled by professional stylist as well. It's human hair so it's easy for her to work with. She uses a very natural/mild coloring component used for damanged hair so it's more gentle on my processed wig hair.

My first wig from this supplier lasted 6 months of HARD wear (my husband was hopitalized so I literally LIVED in it, sleeping on it, poor care, etc for 4 of 6 months).

I ordered a second as soon as I saw how great the first wig was. I've been wearing it since November and it looks amazing. It's starting to get a little thick at the base and if I sleep in it...well...it's a big bubble in the morning. But it's been almost 5 months and it is still the longest wearing, best wig I've ever had. It cost a bit more...but it's been so worth it. Best natural looking, longs lasting hair I've ever had...so far...

Best of luck to you. Figuring this all out is sooooo DAMN expensive! ugh!
Yes!! Get it styled by a professional who specializes in wigs. I suggest finding a cancer center near you. Most large hospitals have one. They will probably have a wig shop. Start there. They may be able to style it for you or at least give you a contact. If not, try a cosmetology school. They may offer courses on wig styling and will have contacts of stylists. I agree with Alicia, this is a very expensive process! What I have learned in the last year and 10 wigs: LACE FRONT!! EAR to EAR lace! I find that I like synthetic better, the kind that tolerates heat. You can use a flat iron if you need to. My experience with human hair is that it is too expensive for the little wear you get. I took my $600 hh wig to my regular stylist and it was destroyed. By now you know how much effort it takes to wash, dry, and style. Remember, the wig will not be getting any nutrients or oils from your body, either. It will probably start to look dry and dead. The best product that I found to help give it some moisture is Moroccan Oil. Also, if you do get a synthetic, the way to get rid of the frizz is to steam it. There are specially made steamers ($40ish). When you find a specialist, ask if they might even teach you how. I promise, they don't work for a profit and will not be offended. It will save you SOOO much money! I almost threw out a number of my wigs because they were looking pretty rough. My wig lady restored them and cut them to fit me. Also, do yourself a huge favor and get an adjustable wig stand and a canvas block head. The stand attaches to your table or counter and holds the canvas block which you pin your wig to. You can style it without having to try to hold a wig and manequin in place. I hope this is helpful and not overwhelming! It has been a year of trial and even more error but I am so happy to pass on what I have learned. I desperately needed some guidance when I started this process!
Hi. Where did u get the adjustable wig stand etc? Please. Thanks much :)

I have been thru trial and error, and error, and error. I have a closet with boxes full of my mistakes, and then, what to do with them? Where do you find lace front ear to ear that is synthetic? I have (and had) very very fine hair, blonde, and I can never find a wig that looks realistic. I need something to sit flat on the top of my head, and most all have the top all poufy, and it sticks up. My head is also very small. Would a steamer help the top not be so poufy? I always see black girls and envy their hair (wigs) or as they like to call them,extensions. They have wigs that sit flat on their head and look so real. That's when I wish my hair were dark brown or black, and I would buy what they wear. But, no, I have to have fine straight blonde European hair, the kind that costs a small fortune to buy, then is a project to keep it up. And what, then, if I make a mistake? That becomes way too costly.

Never heard of Sentoo - gonna go google it next. Happy Healthy New Year to you. And to all on AW!!! I had infatuation but returned it. I have a few Raquels, Simply Beautiful, and Noriko/Amore's. Never tried Tony of Beverly. I want something that is flat on my head, just because they way my real hair has always been, thin, straight, flat, ....I am just used to seeing myself that way, I guess. I do feel better when I put on a wig that has more hair...but I feel it screams "She's wearing a wig" to the whole world, but maybe it is because I KNOW IT!!

I don't think so, it is the lana wig by revlon, I think this is "remy". The fact that it frizzed so much after washing makes me think it was chemically treated. My understanding is virgin means "untreated". Thanks for the advice, I have an appointment with a professional today.
Thanks that makes sense. I just got back from seeing the stylist and my wig is beautiful! She fixed everything. She said I was using all the wrong products and showed me how to style it at home. She washed, cut and styled the wig for just $25 --which I thought was a steal! I did go ahead and buy all the products she used today, in hopes I can come close to a re-creation at home. But just in case I have any mishaps I have her on speed dial now. Thanks to everyone for all the helpful replies and thanks for suggesting the stylist!!



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