Hi, it's Valeri,(Xeljanzmiracle). After reading over 1000 replies on ADML's post, the main concern for those wanting to try Xeljanz seems to be the cost. ($2000-$3000 a MONTH. This is why I'm adding this post. REGARDLESS OF YOUR INCOME, call Xelsource (Pfizer's support program) for Xeljanz. You might qualify to get the drug FREE or at a HUGE DISCOUNT even if you make up to $90,000 a year!There are also co-pay cards for Xeljanz you can download on the internet REGARDLESS OF YOUR INSURANCE SITIATION,that allow you to receive Xeljanz for free or at a discount. Let's face it, this drug is SO expensive that after all of our monthly expenses MOST OF US can't afford it without some help. I qualified to get it for free because of my super low income, but don't automatically rule yourself out. Just CALL and request the forms to enroll in their Xelsource Program. (855) 493-5526.

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P.S. EVEN IF YOU HAVE INSURANCE CALL and ask for enrollment forms to be mailed to you. Because most likely your insurance will deny coverage. That can actually be a GOOD THING INITIALLY to get started because your insurance has to deny coverage for you to qualify for the FREE HARDSHIP PROGRAM. You or your doctor will have to send Pfizer A LETTER FROM YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY DENYING COVERAGE FOR XELJANZ. Altogether you need to send 3 things to qualify: 1. A Healthcare Provider Form to Pfizer (Xelsource) along with your prescription, 2. Your (patient) enrollment form WITH YOUR PROOF OF INCOME; and 3. Letter from Insurance Company DENYING COVERAGE. If you fax everything and then call a week or so later and they tell you they don't have your documents, MAIL EVERYTHING INSTEAD! They were having a problem with their fax server awhile ago. BE PERSISTENT AND DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Our time has come. Valeri

I was talking to my dermatologist just a week ago about this drug. She had said that drug companies consider hair loss "cosmetic" so it isn't covered. I'm not a "hardship" case...lucky me.

So what are your plans for getting the drug?

none. she has me on Plaquenil at this time. she did say some people have had success w/Xeljanz, but it's not covered. from what you say, unless we want to pay for it out-of-pocket, some of us are out of luck...

Pam, you can go onto pfizers website and download the co-pay card. Regardless of income this will get you three months of medicine for free. You need a dr. perscription as well but do not need insurance prior authorization or anything of that nature.

Read the thread started by ADML there is a lot of information on there regarding the copay card. Hope this helps!

I just called xelsource and they are sending me a copay card. I have insurance which is paying for 10 mg per day since I have met my deductible, but they will not pay for a third pill. My doctor wants to up my daily dosage because I am not getting any regrowth but my insurance would not pay for more than the recommended dosage for RA. Hopefully, I will be able to use the copay card for the extra pill.I told the lady on the phone my situation, and she is sending out the card! I was worried that they wouldn't give it to me under these circumstances. I just hope that the increased dosage works for me.  

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so glad I could help you get the co-host card to up your doesage. I just experienced seeing my FIRST HAIR REGROWTH YESTERDAY after 6 years!!! See my new discussion re my peach fuzz!
Please go back and read the beginning of THIS THREAD. It's all about getting the drug FOR FREE or at a big discount.

How long do you get Xenjanz free if you qualify?

To be honest, I'm not sure. I think it's $10,000 per calendar year. I never asked Xelsource. Why don't you give them a call & then you can get any other questions you have answered as well. Please let me know what they say. Thanks!

Thank you; I will continue with the program I am on, but ask her about the Xeljanz on my next visit. I will also tell my husband about this; he is a health insurance broker and may be able to assist me.

After receiving so many inquiries regarding obtaining Xeljanz for FREE thru Pfizer's Hardship Program or the $12,000 worth per year (4 months) free using their co-pay card, I wanted to ressurect this discussion to benefit new people on AW.



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