I’m a Wigster: The Story of a Man Who Likes to Wear Wigs

By Larry Barbee

A Wigster is someone who loves wigs, have more than one, and who enjoys wearing them openly and proudly. It is true that mostly women wear wigs, but so do some men. I know because I’m one of them! Yes, it’s possible for a heterosexual man to want to wear wigs just like the ladies do. I’m not the only one either, although most wig wearing men do so in private. Other guys wear them to hide their baldness, which for me is the only bad reason for wearing one.

To say I love my bald head would be the understatement of the century; not even “vain” adequately describes my pride in having an attractive bald head. A friend of mine probably summed it up best. “Is Larry ashamed of being bald? Are you kidding, he’s conceited as hell about his baldness!”

Yes, you heard me correctly. I’m a total baldy who loves being one, but I’m also a Wigster. Why? The simple truth is that I love variety. I like to wear wigs (and see women wearing them), because they’re fun! Wigs allow me (and them) to express different sides of our personality. At the same time, I get to keep how I naturally look – bald as an egg – which is my best look, as well as my favorite look.

You may be thinking, “if everything is wonderful in bald-land, why does he want wigs for?” What if you love shrimp Alfredo, but had it served up to you every time you sat down for supper? It may continue to be your favorite but you would want something different once in a while. Well I feel that way about being bald. After everyone has seen it, ooohhhhed and aaaahhhhed over my bald head, I like to make a change because I’m not too proud to fish for compliments – especially when getting compliments have become few and far in between!

I first started to wear wigs when I worked with some women who had alopecia areata. I’d be gloriously bald one day, an eye catching red head the next, and then a confident brunette the day after. The message was simple – losing your hair doesn’t have to be the end of your life. Wigs can be fun. Play with them so you can see how you look with hair that’s a different color, style, length and enjoy the compliments you’ll receive. Please read my essay, “A Special Wardrobe” for details at that stage of my being a Wigster. I was told one of the nicest things when I started this. A dear close gal pal said, “It takes a really secure man to do what you’re doing.”

I’ve discovered some other things that have been a blessing because I’m a Wigster.

I usually wear a wig on special occasions. I wear one on my Born Again birthday. When I’m wearing hair on that day, it allows me an opportunity to witness and give my testimony about how Jesus entered my life, and I can try to share His love with who I’m talking to.

In a similar way it allows me to draw people’s attention to worth while causes like breast cancer awareness day or National alopecia awareness day. Sometimes it can be even more personal. When my sister, Anne, gets back a report that states she is cancer free, I remind them to check their breasts monthly, and schedule a mammogram if it’s past due when you should have had one. I get a chance to tell women all this just because they asked me, “so, what’s with the wig, Larry?”

I make friends with women a whole lot easier when I’m wigged. I think hair is something ladies like to talk about, so my wigs seem to be a natural conversation starter for them.

After they know the reasons why I wear wigs, I’m more approachable. People want to tell me about their problems, concerns, and fears.

Even though I’ve been a Wigster in hibernation for many years, I find myself wanting to be an active one once again for all the above reasons. Not only is it good for me emotionally and psychologically, a lot of good things happen for other people as well. I can even serve God in an unusual way, too, so why not?

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