Wondering what brands the members of this forum wear.

I personally wear Rene of Paris wigs (Felicity (cut shorter), ROP Halo & Jade) and they fit pretty good and look real.

I am thinking of trying the "Forever Young" brand next and maybe Raquel Welch.

What do you wear?

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Hi Andrea - I wear a Freedom Wig so not sure of any other wigs. The Freedom Wig is great but you have to have AU.
Hi Pat. Freedom wigs sound pretty awesome. Maybe down the road I might get one, since they are kinda expensive and I also read some stories that they are kinda hot.
IAndrea, am thinking of buying one I have AA and hair is falling out fast. Do you wear synthetic or human hair. I want to get one I can afford but not look cheap. My budget is very tight. I just looked up the wig you were talking about it is cute. I looked at toasted brown.
Hi Kimberly, I probably should have written that in my post. Thanks for asking. I wear synthetic and I do get a lot of compliments how "real" it looks. I've been ordering from www.voguewigs.com, they have some good prices and if you sign up as a member with VIP access (free), you can collect points for every dollar you spent. Check them out. The color I've been getting for my Rene of Paris wig is: Mochaccino. I did try and match it to my real color when I still had hair and for that it's best to go into a store and look at the colors and brands. Once you know your color and the brand you like, you can buy them online and change it around with different styles. I know it's hard to pick a color from looking at it online. Good luck with your search. Let me know how it goes.

Seems that a ton of people recommend namebrandwigs.com. Prices cheaper than elsewhere.

Noriko is new to me and I like them a lot (Reese). Rene of Paris and Noriko are the same company. My first several wigs were Revlon (Scorpio) and now that I have tried a new brand, I find the Revlons not as comfortable. I have a Rene of Paris wig on order now - we'll see! The RWs are more expensive, but I think they are probably good quality, and I think Forever Young is a subsidiary of Revlon.

PS. I frequently have to trim my wigs too - the bangs are generally too long.
Hi Gail, thanks for your input. I didn't know that Forever Young is a subsidiary of Revlon. Good to know. I really wanna try Forever Young soon. The bangs are always too long, esp. Rene of Paris, I've encountered that too. ;-)
what wig do you have on in this photo Gail...it looks great!
My main profile pic is Revlon Scorpio in "Ginger Snap," and the other red wig pic is the Reese by Noriko in "Irish Spice -R." I have been wearing the Reese most of the time these days. I get compliments on "my hair" all the time; everyone thinks they're real. Both are inexpensive synthetics, but if you get the right one, nobody can tell but you.
I have not purchased a real hair wig yet because they are pretty pricey but I plan to soon. My favorite so far (and trust me I have tried plenty of them) is Revlon. One of their colors is Java Blast and I get SO many compliments. If you like a dark brown with blondes and light auburns in it you would love their color. It's just really slylish yet subtle and pretty. You could say darker on the bottom and sun-kissed toward the top. Looks so natural. People are blown away when I tell them it's a wig. The other thing I like is that their wigs actually have more thickness to them as far as coverage and hair coverage. (Listen to me you would think I sold them or something!! lol) I promise I do not.

The one brand I would NEVER buy again (even though I love her as a person) is Jaclyn Smith. That was the most hideous wig I ever lost money on. It was SUPER thin, not the color I ordered, not nearly as long as they said or pictured. It was so awful I wrote them to complain but didn't hear anything back from them. I threw it away without ever wearing it.
I agree with you as far as the thickness of Revlon wigs...they are much thicker than the Raquel Welch one I bought...I like their wigs the best thus far. I like the sound of that color I will have to check it out.
I prefer to wear human hair wigs. I dabbled with synthetic ones many years ago, but didn't like the feel of the fibres against my skin. Also, as I prefer longer hair, I found that synthetic wigs were more prone to tangling. Through trial and error, I've narrowed down my wig preferences to virgin european human hair. It's my number one priority... which, unfortunately, is expensive but IMO worth every penny. Gali Wigs (in London, UK) are my Holy Grail of wigs. Took me a long time to stumble across them, and it was more by fluke than research, but I've not looked back since. :-)





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