School's starting tomorrow for me, and I'm nervous about wearing a wig. Does anyone have any advice in wearing wigs at school? Help! (I have alopecia totalis)

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Hi, Sweetie! You're going to do fine! If you look up my first ever post here, you'll see that I was diagnosed with AA when I was in second grade, and started wearing wigs the summer between second and third grade. I'm 53 now, so I've been wearing wigs for 43 years. Obviously I had to wear wigs through grade school, high school, college, etc. Back when I started having to wear wigs, I wore synthetics because that was all I had available. There was no such thing as lace front or full lace wigs back in the 70's and 80's unless you were on stage. What worked for me back then was to make the adjustable band in the back as tight as I could stand it (sometimes it meant even tying the straps in the back into a knot!), and bobby pinning the wig to what little hair I had to make sure it stayed put! In terms of getting dressed/undressed for things like gym, I learned how to take off my shirts over my head to make sure the wig didn't shift (usually hiding behind a locker door so I could hold the wig steady with one hand, then take off the shirt.) I would pull my arms through the shirt first so that the shirt fell over my body and covering my arms, then pull the shirt over my head. If you can get to a bathroom stall to take off your shirt, even better!

If I was ever in a situation where I felt like the wig could come off (heavy wind or in a situation where I was afraid somebody might pull my hair) or wanted extra security, I had a snug headband that went across my head from ear to ear. If I went a field trip to an amusement park, that was the PERFECT excuse to wear a hat because I could hold the hat on my head which would secretly allow me to hold the wig on my head.

Thankfully, nowadays you have better options than I did. I would suggest (if you're not wearing one already) a lace front wig that you can keep secure on your head with the adjustable straps in the back, and tape on the front. That way, you know it's not going to go anywhere without some effort! :D If you look on YouTube for an alopecian called My0Little0Secret, she has some really great videos on how to wear full lace or lace front wigs.

Now, for other issues. Is this a new school for you? If not, do your friends know that you have alopecia? How open you want to be about it and how much you want to tell and who you want to tell is completely up to you. If anybody picks on you (which I hope they don't!) remember that you can change your hair anytime you like; they're always going to be jerks. Your true friends aren't going to judge you by what you have on your head.

Have a fantastic day tomorrow! You're going to be fine! The one thing I would have loved to have known back when I was in school was that I wasn't a freak, and that there were other kids and young people who had the same condition. There wasn't such a thing as the Internet back in the 70's and 80's, so I felt pretty isolated. But I adjusted and learned how to cope, and so will you.


PS - I see you like Anime. I LOVE Anime!!!!

Thank you so much for the advice!

You're welcome! Don't forget to let us know how things went!

I have a daughter in elementary school who just started wearing a wig to
School at the end of last year, it was definitely hard for her to get used to but using headbands and Bobby pins have been her best friends. She hasn't had any issues with it coming off at all. She is younger and some kids who have noticed she's wearing a wig have been a little mean to her here and there but she feels a lot better going to school with a wig than going bald. Anyway hope this helps and good luck!

How did your first week go? :D

Sorry for the verrrry late reply, but right now it is April 14, 2017. There's only about 1 more month of school. My school year went really well. Only a few people know that I wear a wig. Like all my friends know, but some people think my wig is my real hair. This year went better than I thought it would go;)

YAY! I was hoping that was the reason why we hadn't heard from you! Glad to hear things went well!

I had a wig the first couple years of high school, but it quickly got annoying for me. (very itchy, and sweaty) so for me personally, it wasn't too great. 

I used double sided tape (there also is special wig tape you can buy)! Its great and won't let your wig slip around on your head. Also you can try to wear some cute bandanas with your wig to tie the hair up so its less hot. (depending on your schools dress code)

I hope these tips help!

But remember make sure you're wearing your wig because YOU want to, and because it makes YOU more comfortable. Don't make yourself uncomfortable, sweaty, and itchy just so others won't stare at you and ask questions. I know it can be hard (not sure your age) - but your comfort is more important than other peoples opinions. I'm sure you look beautiful with and without the wig!

So glad to hear that you are doing well in school. I wore a wig for many years and I finally got to the point of making my own. If you need anything , please let me know. I have dedicated my life to making wigs for people and appreciate beauty so much. I make full custom lace wigs of any style and would like to offer you a wig for school. I know how important to have not only a quality wig, but one you can be proud of and not look like you are wearing one at all. Kids can be be cruel and my daughter was bullied so bad, we had to home school her. I am offering a wig for free to you, being a mother and a wig wearer. You can contact me at Cheers! ~ Liza

I am confused and not sure about the dress you are going to wear for your first day school tomorrow. I am confused because is this dress authorized by your administration. If not, they will allow you to enter your classroom wearing a formal dress. As far as I know there is an uniform at every school. If there don't have that kind of problem then you can wear. Good Luck!

I wrote about it in my about me and it's a very sensitive topic for me. I wear a wig every day except home. I tried to use Kirkland minoxidil, but it was too late for me. I read about it at and was impressed with the results, but as I said, it was too late. I hope that everything will be fine for you! If you ever need any type of help, just write to me. I will be glad to help you.

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