After many months of using Rogaine on the kids' spots, my family (the kids foremost) have decided to treat using Decolorized Iodine, once daily - at night. I stumbled upon an interesting internet article, regarding Decolorized Iodine: - Some of you may be interested in reading it. When I went to "Yahoo" and searched for Decolorized Iodine, I also stumbled upon more success stories, regarding folks treating with Decolorized Iodine. My father-in-law is a barber in his 70's & barbers used to treat AA with "White Iodine" (slang for Decolorized Iodine). Good luck to you all, whether you decide to try treatments or not. I hope you all have Happy Holidays :o)

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Hi Lynn,
I think the iodine over the Rogaine is a great choice -- (the ingredient list on the Rogaine has always scared me and I can't imagine putting it on my 5 year old girl) The iodine seems to be working fine for us (once a day in the morning and clobetasol at night), and I'm prayerful that it will turn this thing around. Hang in there! Keep me posted.
I can't wiat to hear how this works for you. I' be willing to try this for my daughter.
Hi there Tammy! Kayreyn tried it for a month. You should ask her about it. I recall Kayreyn shared with me that the decolorized iodine did stop the shedding and she is even seeing white baby hairs growing back in her daughter's spots, after only a month of using the decolorized iodine. I believe Kayreyn is treating her daughther using a cream at night and iodine in the morning. My kids are still going to get the shots every four months, in addition to using decolorized iodine nightly. I've only been applying the iodine for a few days, but I'm already noticing hardly any shedding (maybe one or two hairs) when I comb my daughter's hair. Good luck with your treatment decisions & I will report back in a few weeks. Take care!
Thanks for the Info Sandra! Are you currently treating your AA? What do you think about using iodine?
Hi Sandra! I have the bottle in front of me. The brand name is sunmark, and you are right that it is labeled Iodides Tincture, then underneath that, in small print the label reads "Decolorized Iodine." Under Active Ingredients it reads: Alcohol 45%, denatured with ammonia, Ammonium and Potassium Iodides. The Inactive Ingredient is Purified Water. That's all the information that is provided regarding ingredients. Congratulations on your regrowth! I hope it continues. Thank you so much for helping me understand that we are actually using Iodides Tincture ~ Lord knows I hate sounding like an idiot! Prior to using Iodides Tincture, when combing my daughter's hair, sometimes twenty to fourty hairs would come out on the comb. Since using Iodides Tincture, when I comb her hair, maybe a hair or two will come out. My son's spots seem to be healing more. Also, since we only apply the Iodides TIncture at night, there is no ordeal of Roggaine in the morning (we discontinued Roggaine proir to trying Iodides Tincture. Thanks so much for your time & input!! Take care :o)
I just came from a new beautician today, who does hair out of her home. She happens to be in her 70's also. She saw the spots in my hair and asked me if I had Alopecia. I said "yes". She proceeded to tell me that the best treatment for Alopecia is "White Iodine". I had never heard of this "White Iodine." She recommended I go to one of those hometown small pharmacies not a Rite-Aid or CVS because they would not carry it. Needless to say, when I left her house, I immediately went to the pharmacy and asked if they sold "White Iodine." The pharmacist went to the back, and said he had only 1 left. He pulled out a book, asked me for I.D. and had me sign my name, address and telephone number. I asked him why do i have to do this,and he said that it falls under the category of a "poison", and it's supposed to be controlled. I purchased a 2 oz. bottle for $3.99.

I have 4 questions for you:

(1) Since it is so toxic, should I be mixing the White Iodine with something else to dilute it before applying it to my scalp?

(2) I see you say "apply it once daily (at night). What would happen if I applied it twice before going to bed?

(3) What did you use to apply the White Iodine to your kids' spots.

(4) How long does it take before I will notice some hair growth?

Thank you very much
Hi there Lucinda. I am certainly not a medical professional, and I am only using decolorized iodine on the kids as a home remedy. I had previously read in an article on the internet (source?) that doctors in India use decolorized iodine as a first step in treating children with AA. Since they used a Q-tip to apply the iodine, so do I. Since they applied it at night, I do too. It reads right on the bottle that it is a product for scraps, cuts, etc. I don't dilute the decolorized iodine. I call it "decolorized iodine" because that is what the product is listed as, when the Walmart Pharmacy orders it. When ordering or picking up the decolorized iodine at Walmart, I do not have to provide my name or any other information, as I just purchase it over the counter. I don't know what will happen if you apply the decolorized iodine more than once per day. Doctors in India treat with decolorized iodine for two months. Another parent on this site saw white baby hair after one month. Really, I'm just a mom who is trying to help her kids. My father-in-law is a wonderful man and if he says decolorized iodine works - then it does. I know this may not be a treatment option for many. This is the treatment course my children have chosen, and I will do anything for my kids.
Also: Are you sure your pharmacy really categorizes decolorized iodine as a "poison?" I had previously been told that illegal drug manufacturers use decolorized iodine to make drugs like methanphetamines ~ so the government was limiting the sale (from your case monitoring the sale) of decolorized iodine, as well as cough syrups, etc. It just seems strange the decolorized iodine could be considered a "poison" when folks use it for scraps, cuts, etc., and even drink a few drops a day to cure ailments. I would never have my kids drink decolorized iodine ~ we only use it for external purposes. Let me know if you gain more information. God bless you & take care.
Hello Lynn,
I found this place where they explain it very well and does show it to be a "poison" so its external use only is highlighted. Hope that helps a bit:
I just read the article. It was informative, and makes me feel more comfortable is using it as a treatment for AA. My kids are old enough to know, not to drink the stuff ~ which is good!! I really feel like it is helping reduce my daughter's hairloss. I'm not sure yet, about how much it is helping my son. I will definitely post again in a few weeks. Thanks for the info. Charlie :o)
We continue to use prescription medicine in additon to the White Iodine. Depending on whether her scalp is itching or not we may apply it twice a day. The main thing I feel is that iodine is essentially an antiseptic, so the worst side effect is a very clean & germ free scalp - lol- and hopefully the best side effect will continue to be less shedding and new hair growth.
My nephew has AA and we still use prescription medicine. What I like about that site is that they encourage the usage of your prescription medicine. They dont make it seem like a miracle worker. Just as an additional treatment. Took me over 5 days of research to find this place.

"The main thing I feel is that iodine is essentially an antiseptic, so the worst side effect is a very clean & germ free scalp" HAHAHA
We told our doctor about iodine before using it and thats exactly what she said!!!! It was a good laugh and it is working!





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