So having a conversation with my mate the other day and he also has alopecia but he isn't choosing to start treatment with xeljanz instead has opted for stem cell treatment.. I was taking back by this and said this stem cell treatment is not available. So he gives me his dr name and number in the states so I ring them up and he confirms that it is available ! So my question is has anyone else heard about stem cell treatment that is available ? As I am quite sceptical about this ..!

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Where is it available? I've been searching but haven't found anything
Will inbox u the details of what I found

Can you inbox me too? I'd like to see this and look into myself. Thank you very much. 

Inboxed you

Yes, stem cell therapy is a great hope for many hair loss suffers  but it is not fully developed. Companies such as Aderans and Follica are still doing some research. I believe Neogenic from Loreal is one a pseudo stem cell treatment. Perhaps your friend was talking about something like this.

Mybe so, I don't believe it will be out for some time , a few years hence why I was curious of why doctors are doing the procedure now...

Do you know any details now of what this was about? I would be really interested to know.

Sorry I have been abit busy. Have have a Skype call set up tomorw to call them, it's in America so best way to contact them was thru Skype. Am not gonna do this as am on xeljanz and rather stick to that. Until this is a definite legit treatment however I will find out and let everyone know on here.

Great! I am looking forward to hearing more some time then.

Stem cell treatment?

Stem cell treatment for Alopecia ?? tee hee

The hair follicle in Alopecia is not dead! and any new hair would be shredded ....because your immune system would reject it.

Why? Alopecia   doh.

Thee above "treatment" is aimed at bald men. I would opine ....with little success....except to the bank account of the guess who?


On a more interesting topic and relevant to Alopecia. Read this lovely topic.

Harvesting T-cells and programming them through gene therapy, to recognise Alopecia and turn it off!

Then introduce these cells to the body.

I always believed that the cure for Alopecia was NEVER to dampen the immune system. This can lead to other problems and almost certainly does. The way was to change the immune response to Alopecia and only Alopecia!

When will it happen?

Enjoy and accept your life. It may be sooner than you think or maybe not.....

As ALWAYS Dom, you post on these discussions with very little knowledge and research and a LOT of NEGATIVITY. Yes, Stem Cell therapy is working for some sufferers of alopecia. First of all learn your basics: the word "alopecia" means hair loss, and there are different kinds, which respond to different treatments. Not all hair loss is related to our immune systems. Some forms are because of stress, genetics, age/menopause, pregnancy, etc. Second, there are lots of stem cell facilities all over the world now that are providing treatment for a variety of diseases, including alopecia. One of them is the Orange County Regeneration Center in California. Some of their results have been published in the Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, along with before and after pictures of patients. Instead of using the controversial cells from embryos, they use the fat from your own skin (liposuction) and harvest the stem cells from your body. Even though this therapy is new, IT IS WORKING for some patients with alopecia, just like Xeljanz. I read the article you provided about the little girl who was cured of leukemia from programmed cells that only destroyed the cancer. That's wonderful and I certainly hope that will be an option for alopecians in the future. In the meantime, there are promising and successful treatments, like stem cell therapy and Xeljanz, that we can use NOW. If you don't want to avail yourself of them, that's your choice. But PLEASE STOP criticizing and making fun of others choice of treatments. I have been on Xeljanz with GREAT SUCCESS for 3 months now, as have many others on this site. We are HAPPY and excited about our regrowth and here to share our POSITIVE experiences to encourage others.
Correction: OC Hair Restoration and the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. I came back to edit my post, but the time was up.



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