I am here for a friend. Here is the thing he lives in India and he has alopecia universalis. But because of that no girl wants to marry him. He is now 33 and still not married. He is a bit shy to come here himself but I hope to get some friendly replies and introduce him here. I was just wondering if it's only in India where the culture is such that you get rejected because of your appearance. Do you think he would be more lucky in other countries? Of course I always tell him that he will meet someone but he has difficult time believing me. So what to do? 

Thanks so much 

Sophia Simcha

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Hi Sophia,

I'm not so sure that every girl in India would be rejecting of your friend because of his appearance.

Many people accept and reject others because of their appearance across the world, not just in India. It sounds like your friend lacks in confidence and this might be because of his condition. It might be good for him to talk to someone - a therapist who could help him build up his confidence. Tell him, if he finds it tough to accept his AU, to join this forum.

There's lots of hope, advice, and insight on here and I've only been here a couple of days myself, but I love it! You should also tell him to research tofacitinib if he hasn't already - perhaps to do some research and then speak to his doctor/dermatologist about it. Tofacitinib is having tremendous success in AT and AU sufferers, so perhaps it might be good for him to start exploring treatment avenues.

He needs to build that confidence either way - there are plenty of girls out there who would accept him as he is - we can be our own harshest critics sometimes!

All the best,




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