I have AU since I was 23. My husband I finally had our first child at 42. I really wrestled with the idea of having children due to my concern of passing on AA. My baby was born with a head full of hair but has since had some loss. She is only 3months old and the pediatric Derm. Said it looks like normal infant hair loss. I am of course upset and nervous that maybe this could be AA. Have any parents with AA had there infants have hair loss that ended up being normal baby hair loss instead of AA. Also how do you cope with the fear of the unknown and what if? When it comes to the possibility if your child getting AA. Any support or advice is welcomed. I hate feeling guilty that I might pass this on to her. I thought I had dealt with these issues but they have resurfaced when she lost some hair.

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Thank you wise 1 for your response. I'm trying to remain calm and stay in the moment. My baby is wonderful and I do hate that I distract myself from enjoying her with my worry. Please if others have input I'd love to hear from you.

I developed Alopecia at 19 I lost all the hair on my scalp and my eyebrows thinned out. I regrew my hair about a year later. But, the hair lose started again at 32. I have a 10 year old Daughter and 9 year old son. Niether of them have had any spots on their heads. They were both born with very thin hair and now they both have thicker hair than I ever had. I think I read somewhere that if you don't develop Alopecia till your an adult its less likely to be genetic. I don't remember if they lost hair as a baby but I remember it being super thin almost like they were bald and it grew very, very slow.

Hi Michelle,

A family member of mine also had alopecia since she was about 3 years  old. She also just had a baby recently and was very nervous about passing it on. When her baby was about 3 months old, she started losing her hair as well and she started getting very nervous. However her baby is now 8 months old and has a full head of hair. Her pediatrician told her that It's a normal and actually healthy procedure that every kid goes through. Lots of kids are born with a head full of hair - this hair is baby hair that protect them in their mothers womb. However when they lose it it's a sign that there hair will now grow back. You must be really scared especially after everything you went through but from what I just saw, it's nor mal and healthy. I'm sure everything is fine - keep us posted! Thinking about you:)



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