Hi i have a question.

My spots started in March of last year 2013. now i have only scraps of hair left.

I only recently found out that i have AA.  now all of my hair is gone. i got my first injection last week. how long doest it take to notice if the hair will come  back after the first injection?

thank you in advance for listening.  this is very frustrating.

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Hi Soisy:  After my son had his injection, there was some fine hair growth within two weeks.....And then the growth just accelerated after that. I think it is different for everyone.

From what I have been reading, this condition seems to affect everyone differently; what works for one person may not work for someone else. Dealing with it is a lot of trial and error. I don't know if it is the injections themselves that stimulate hair growth or it the injections stop the hair from continuing to fall out, but stopping the fallout is how the injections seem to work for me, giving my hair a chance to grow. But, the re-growth hasn't been permanent; I am going through my second re-growth in two years. For me, I would say the regrowth takes 3-4 months to be noticeable, and then it is spotty. This time, my hair started to grow back around August (I first noticed fallout in January but didn't get steady treatment until April); all that is left to fill in is around the bottom edges, especially over my ears (when I wear a hat, I still look bald, but  visor cap is perfect for me at this stage). I wish you best of luck. You need to be patient, keep trying to find what works for you, and be vigilant! I am also on Plaquenil, which has worked for some; I don't think it's working for me, but you might want to check into it.

thank you so much for your reply. this really helps to know that i am not in this alone.

Hi love! In my experience, it depends on the health of your scalp. If you're dealing with deeply scarred hair tissue, it's less likely to grow back…but if your scalp is relatively healthy, if i remember correctly, i could see hair regrowth around 4-6 weeks. But again, I didn't have a great experience with the injections and perhaps because I requested more than the suggested dosage, it actually caused me to have smalll bald dents where the hair may have otherwise grown. So in case you get tempted, don't ask the doc to do any extra injections … it may be tempting to ask, but only do suggested amount if you'll continue with it. I actually decided to discontinue the injections because my scalp's health wouldn't produce desired results and it wasn't covered by insurance, so I couldn't afford to keep going either.

In support and love,

thank you, i was tempted to ask for more injections. it just seemed like the ones he gave me wouldnt do anything and wasnt enough, to actually get all around my head lol.. right now im almost completely bald except for a few strands here and there. i cant stand to even look at myself without my wig on. its a mess.


Soisy - I know what you mean. I totally went through this thing afterwards to where I beat myself up like "why did you have to ask for more? this is ur fault blah blah blah!" … but really it was me coping because if i hadn't HAVE asked, I would've beat myself for not doing so. I just didn't have anyone around me to talk about this with. My nana has universalis, but we dare not discuss such things in the family, and honestly - I saw her for the first time without a wig last yr and I'm almost 30. My hair was pretty much gone on top and I decided to just shave it all off in 2012. That has been a journey and I feel like I was so blessed to find alopecia world last yr …. I did some pretty risky things once I saw they injections weren't as effective to me … have since stopped, taking baby steps to talk about all that in the open. I just started blogging, literally this week/last week about my journey and how it's led to sooooooooo much stuff - good, bad, all of it. It took me a while to look in the mirror at myself, taking pictures of myself bald was hard until finding this site … honestly sometimes it's still hard to see me… idk if hard is the right word, maybe 'interesting….' because it's like "woah, that's me... with no hair under that hat and it's obvious…what???" lol but I'm working on it … shoot, even just writing you now is making me think of blog topics lol but if u ever wanna talk/message more, let me know! and my blog is baldgyrlmemoirs.com …have a good night!

Hi Ann. thank you for your kind works and letting hear about your journey. mine is just starting. i cant wait to i get to the point where i can take off my wig and NOT put my scarve on right after. where i can walk around my house with my  bald head, and actually let my family see me for once. im afraid to show my 8 year old becasue she might get scared for me. my boyfriend took me to the dr. and when he had me take off my wig infront of them i wanted to cry.. but i really love this site and you guys are really helping me cope and i really thank you for that.  they say that this is hereditary. im not sure who in my family has it. but since ive found out i have been asking around. so far noone as of yet.

Ann did you hair ever attempt to grow back? im scared that mine will never come back. i dont know if i can deal with being bald forever :0(

I think everyone's experience with AA is different. I'm one of the lucky ones in that I have lost 80% of my hair twice and (most) of it has come back; right now I am experiencing a regrowth, but it has taken months (since August) to get it to where it is now (80% back). I sincerely hope your hair comes back, but it could be a battle to figure out what works for you and you need a lot of patience because it is a slow process. When mine starts to grow back, it comes in in areas, usually the crown first; the last is around the edges. My hair looks pretty good right now, but if I wear a hat, I still look bald because the edges are still coming in; I'm not even sure they will come completely back. I have made peace with the fact I don't ever expect to be free of this condition and I am thankful for any time that I have hair on my head; 2 years ago I had accepted that I would be bald, then my hair started to grow back. Anyway, my main reason for writing again was to tell you to have patience; this is not an easy condition to deal with. If you are lucky and your hair starts to grow again, it probably won't come in all over all at once and when an area starts to fill in, it comes in slowly. Good luck; I wish you the best.  

Hi Soisy,

I pray that everything works out for you. I would like to suggest two books "Metamorphosis by Julia Crittendon and "If Your Hair Falls Out Keep Dancing"  by Leslie Ann Bulter. These two books really uplifted and encouraged me to understand that there is life after hair loss.  I am totally bald and I have learned to find the bright side. Thank you Ann Im going to check out your blog.


thank you all for your help. as i see paticene is the key here lol. somehting i have to learn. as for now i wear my wigs and just try to keep a smile on my face. for the most part its ok. whats really getting to me is the fact that when im home and i have my scarve on my head i look bald. and to me it makes me look sick.. and now im scared that my eyebrows might go away (no sign of that yet) or my eye lashes. have this ever happened to anyone of you? i may be too hard on myself but im sure with time i will learn not to be afraid.

something occurred to me the other day...I have never, ever, stressed about this condition; I have always accepted it and have been thankful that a) it doesn't hurt and b) it won't kill me. I have never been someone who stresses or worries about things I can do little about; I guess it's just the way I'm wired. I don't know if this is why I have periods of re-growth, or if it is a cycle I go through, but maybe not stressing about it helps. My eyebrows have thinned, but I have never lost my lashes or eyebrows completely; for the first time in 2 years, the hair on my forearms is growing back, which I think is odd, but this condition is odd, isn't it? One of my friends has had AA for 20 years; she lost her eyebrows 2 years ago and has only one set of eyelashes. As I said, this condition seems to be different for everyone.

you might be right. ive read someplace where it says that with this condition, stress and certain diets can cause episodes of hairloss. has anyone ever experinced this?  when it first started i thought it was becasue i was seriously dieting. and i was dropping weight very quickly. then the spots occured.




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