Hi I am Stephanie, yesterday I took my daughter into the doctor for a follow up apt. While there I mentioned and showed her some bald spots on my daughters head. I had found the 1st one about 4 weeks ago, and I found the 2nd one yesterday morning while doing her hair. Her doctor said it was a classic case of Alopecia Areata. To watch the spots if they get bigger or she gets more/loose more hair. To come back and she will refer her to a dermatologist, that there isn't much that could be done.

I broke down and last night and cried. I feel so helpless, I cant do anything to help her get better, or stop her from loosing hair.

Tonight I sat her down and explained to her what was going on, told her about Alopecia. She took it better then I did. She did ask what would happen if she lost all her hair, I told her we would still put a big bow on her head. LOL She is a girly girl and doesn't like to leave the house without a bow on.

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I had the same situation when it happened to my son-also diagnosed with Alopecia Areata.  We decided not to wait around for the dermatologist.....we chose to go the Naturopath route - had him tested for allergies and adopted a gluten free and sugar free diet.  Avoided all meats but chicken, fish and turkey......changed his shampoo and such to all natural products, installed a few air purifiers in the house, he was taking zinc and biotin supplements and a probiotic.....At its worse he had roughly ten bald patches....today, almost a year later his hair has fully grown in and you can't even tell he had this terrible condition......By the time we got to the dermatologist he had only one stubborn spot left, which she injected with Kenalog, and it grew in.....Not sure if all these measures caused his hair to grow back, or if it grew in on its own.....A positive side effect of making these changes has resulted in him looking and feeling great!  Hang in there Stephanie, it's definately not easy seeing your child go through this!

Thank You for the Reply, I went and talked to a counselor yesterday in regards to my oldest. We then got on the topic of my 6yo and she mentioned that given the symptoms (she has stinky gas all the time, poops everytime she goes to the bathroom, she is a VERY picky eater, had sever GERD as a baby, ect..) that she needs to get tested for allergies including gluten. So that will be the next step I am taking. Happy to hear your son is doing so well

hi..i have an 11 year old girl who has allso just found out she has alopecia...i think as a mum we feel so help-less and i always say i wish it was me..but i am slowly coming to terms that this is what my daughter has and at least its not life threatning...she is asking me heaps of questions so i know she is thinking about it...her spot is at the back of here head and is slowly growing up and around....breaks my heart but we are the ones who have to be strong so as hard as it is i have to tell her it is o.k and she will always be beautiful i do every day.....take one day at a time...and know there are heaps of people out there with alopecia....you can allways message me if you want to chat......take care    sian



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