I teach aerobics classes and I am very active can anyone tell me if the lace wigs are good and if they recommend them. Also where is a good place to get one? Should they be custom fit and made? thanks Im really stuck

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Lace wigs are great,but can be costly.
yes please send me the number-I am looking into that or a bonded system-what do you think is best
I don't know if it's just me but I found lace wigs really itchy and uncomfortable after exercising and getting sweaty but that might have been that I have a sensitive scalp. I am also a light sleeper so I found it a little hard to sleep in at night. Even with those cons though it was still nice because I could put it into a pony tail. If you do go with a lace wig I would suggest double sided wig tape instead of glue unless you have it put on by a professional each time you take it off because glue can get messy and hard to apply by yourself because if it dries it won't go on. I also went to a dermatologist that said daily wigs are better than longterm wigs for the scalp because long term wigs don't allow the scalp to breathe since it is on for weeks at a time and only off for a short period of time. If you need a secure wig I would go with a vacuum wig or a Follea gripper wig. Although I haven't tried either wig I have heard good things about both and they provide the same security as a lace wig but you can take it on and off if you get overheated or don't feel like wearing it around the house.
Hi Tanya,

I am a hairdresser, I cut an style all kinds of hair pieces since 1965. I am getting lots of good feed back from the ladies that are wearing the Gripper. For aerobics classes, outdoor jogging, Tennis and Golf. You may want to check out the Gropper video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcuGnjT-12g
Carmen West, Hairdresser

Hi, you seem very knowledge with lace wigs...I am actually getting my first wig this week and I am confused to what is a lace front wig that you have to cut yourself and one like Jon Reanu? I would like to wear it taped down for two or three day and be able to remove it myself and reapply. Any info would be appreciated.

I'm looking for one also... if you find any place please pass it along... www.rpgshow.com one of the girls on here where their wigs her name Ashley message me if you want more ifo about that site.. I want to check a few places out before i buy



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