Hello everbody,
I have a question, since my hair is falling out again, areas on my head are itching. When a area is itching, after a while the hair on that area is falling out.
Do someone have it too, or am I the only one??? :(
And how does it processed by you?
loves, Chantal

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I had that last week - so I know what you are going through. For some reason, my scalp is not as itchy today - so I don't know if that means I stopped losing more hair or not. I have at least seven big spots and many little spots right now. I am using medicine on my scalp. Maybe that has helped the itching?

Take care,
HI Danette-

What are you using that might have decreased the itching? Is it steroid based?

I have used both Protopic and a steriod gel on my bald spots.

I would the steriod would help most, but I got the samples of protopic earlier so for a few days I was only using that.
SARNA is my best friend for itch.

I have an actively itchy scalp as my aa is still inflammatory under the skin. Whatever random hairs are there still produce itch sensations. SARNA is an over the counter anti-itch ( on sale at CVS this week, too) that helps me the most - even more than my steroid creams which are not safe for daily use.

I have had similar experiences. When my AA was at its worst my head itched incessantly and it did seem like the real itchy areas were where the hair loss was occurring. My hair loss has slowed as has the itching, but I still think I am losing hair at an abnormal rate. I feel like there is a direct correlation between how much my scalp itches and how much hair I am losing.
Hej Jeff,
my hair is falling out slowly, but I find hair everywere. And my partner keep saying that the spots are growing bigger. My hairdresser. I hadn't seen her for 12 weeks, she was on holiday, said that it was wors than 12 weeks ago. So I think the hairloss and the itchy feeling are correlated. But how do you feel about it?
My hair felt out ones more (5 years ago) and now again, it's makes me feel insecure. I tray not to scratch, but will it work. Would it be, when I don't scratch the hair isn't feeling out so hard?
(sorry for my english writing, I'm dutch and not good at writing)
Hi Chantal,
I believe there is a correlation between the some itchy spots and hair loss. I think if the itch is truly related to alopecia issues chances are the hair will likely fall out regardless of whether or not you scratch the itch. I am now much more gentle with my hair when I wash and style it, but I guess what I am really protecting are the healthy hairs that remain. If your alopecia is caused by stricken hair follicles, there is sadly probably not much you can do to keep those hairs from falling out.

I can certainly relate to your feelings of insecurity over this. It's hard not to feel like everyone you see notices the condition of your hair. In fact, most people are focussing on you as a person and not your hair. Most of my associates said they wouldn't have even noticed the spots I have had I not told them about my condition.
(By the way - your English is far better than my Dutch could ever be!)
Beste wensen!
There are some forms of alopecia that are caused by fungal infection - i understand that thes often 'itch'. This is according to my doctor anyway. I understand these can somtimes be solved by a 'fungal cream'
Thank you for your tip. Ik will try it out and I will tell you how it worked on me.

btw the last few weeks the itching is going on and don't feel comfortable with it. But I now at a stage that I think: let it go.. Maybe it's wright to read that, but maybe that works.
Also the hair is falling out further (it is not a good sentence ;) ). My hairdresser said she cann't do anything about it. People will see it soon, but for now I can brus it to the right direction. :D

Thanks for al the reaction
My initial bald spots came after a period of intense itching on the back of my head. My next batch of spots started as itch spots, too. I have a new itchy spot that I am proactively attacking with the prescriibed ointment and clear iodine hoping it will lessen the size of the bald spot when it shows up. I did this with one in the part of my hair and it never got larger than a dime. Coincidence, good luck, or post poning what will eventually grow larger? Don't know. I have nothing to lose (especially hair!) by hitting the new itchy areas when I feel them! Yesterday I noticed a tingly area and went after that one, too.
I definitely believe there is some relation t the itching. I had one spot start about 3 months ago. As it grew, the edges would itch. I learned about the hair pull test, which is when you feel itching, you lightly tug at a small group of hair. If it comes out easily, then there is a new patch forming. I recently felt itchy in the area immediately at the back of my head, tried the pul test, and about 15 hairs came out. So while the first patch has stalled and I'm experiencing hair regrowth, it seems a second one is starting. I was SO upset when i found this out the other day i couldn't come into work the following day. I se my dermatologist next week, so I will have to start injections in the new area to keep it from growing. This is a horrible condition. I try my best to not let it get me down but it is really really hard.
Oh Ernesto I know EXACTLKY how you feel. I was so devasted when this first happened (less than 4 months ago) and then afer a few weeks of adjusting, suddenly had more patches! I just fell apart crying! How will I go to work? Who will see it? Can I keep it all covered? Will I wake up bald tomorrow?

I have had 4 dermatologist visits, and one was this week. Some of my patches are regrowing hair, some have stalled, and some are brand new. You just never know. The only thng I do know is that other people on this site DO know what I am going through!





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