Why isn't there a mobile APP for smartphones yet? Would love to be updated on the progression of this, as I saw there are a few older discussions about it. Thanks!

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Hey, If you want a mobile app, then I can recommend you the service where you can find more interesting information about developing of mobile applications and there you can buy android ratings for you mobile app. I have already ordered their service and they help was really amazing for me. You will not regret about their service!

Hello. What do you mean? You need some information about how to develop mobile apps or you just need some useful apps for smartphones? If you need useful apps for your smartphone just go to the https://ukessay.com/write-my-essay, they have several articles about the best apps for iPhone.

Thank you! I guess my question wasn't entirely clear haha. I meant an Alopecia World app to access discussions etc. in a specifically mobile-friendly environment, instead of reading/ replying via a browser on my phone.

I agree with you. it will be very useful. Because more and more people are using only their smartphones foe almost everything. I am even watching films on my iPhone, because it's easier to make it using VPN app, because in my country there are a lot of blocked sites and content

What do you think about https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/proxy-vpn-to-unblock-any/... this VPN software for browsers? You can do the same things but with better speed and you are 100% that when you were downloading it from the official store it had no viruses at all.

It still has to be developed. I know that openGeeksLab does the best development things espessially what is connected with mobile apps.

You are right, it will be very useful. In the whole world the usage of smartphone has increased, as a result, the opportunities for apps with more advanced features appeared. A few months ago we decided to go online and discussed the app development cost and if it is worth it or not. With the help of a well-known software outsourcing company, we made a great mobile app.



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