My girlfriend noticed a spot in July, I ignored it well because I didn't think it was anything. September, I went to the dermatologist, and the one spot I had, it was the size of a quarter or even less, I received an injection. In October it turned into a half dollar coin and I developed another spot in the back of my head size of the quarter, again I received injections. This is when I began to freak out about AA.

End of October I developed about 4 spots and now 2 weeks later I have developed another 3. Totalling about 8 to 9 spots. Most about the size of a penny or dime and the first 2 are now a size of a half dollar coin and the other turned into the size of a fist maybe slightly bigger.

I am so upset, I am scared that it's becoming so aggressive since when my girlfriend spotted it in July.

I just want it to stop progressing. Am I unlikely to recover and put this in remission? I took blood tests and everything is normal.

For AA, is this normal to progress and stop? I have bouts of fear, feeling fine, OCD and not feeling calm because I don't know what's normal and what's to come next. What I am experiencing is it sevre and can it still look up for me?

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hello! i have been suffering from AA for 5 years now... it is a very very difficult problem to deal with and i'm very sorry you're going through it. i noticed hair loss the same way you did. i had a couple spots here and there, then all of a sudden i had almost no hair. it took about 4 months for my hair to be 80% gone... i have been doing the injections, i have done squaric acid, and i am currently taking xeljanz (which i'm finding i may no longer have access to...) After the injections did not do a lot for me, my doctor suggested me doing squaraic acid treatment. they burn a small portion on your body (mine was my inner arm) with a higher concentrated solution. your body will build up the antibodies and fight off that burn. then you will be prescribed a lesser solution of the same thing. you apply this to your scalp in the evening. i'm not going to lie, it burns... it seems to stop the actual hair loss it's self, becuase your body is focusing on attacking the burn, rather than your hair follicles. this treatment still, will not stop it all. i noticed it slows it down if anything... i saw a dr at UCI, and she put me on xeljanz 5 mg twice a day. it took 3 months for me to notice a difference (thats normal.) a huge problem is that xeljanz is not approved by the FDA for use with alopecia areata. i was given one 3 month supply (you can get it once a year) for free by insurance... the cost of the medication in the US/canada is about 1200/month! it's stupid expensive. I am going to file an appeal with my insurance company, as well as file for a hardship program to see if i can get xelsource to cover it for me. another problem with this medication is that it can have bad side affects. i have not noticed a single negative side affect, but i was very healthy when i started this medication. you should look into seeing a specialist that is familiar with xeljanz. where do you live? i see a doctor at UCI in southern california, but i know there are doctors all over who are familiar with this drug. if you can get the one three month supply for free, and start working on how you're going to get more once you run out, in my opinion its your best option. it has been the only thing that has really really slowed my hair loss. i hope this helps you. please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any more information. i'm so sorry you're going through this!




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