I have a 7 year old daughter who is used to me with a wig. The other day she pushed me soooo far with some nonsense that I actually pulled my wig off my head and said, "Do you see this?!?! I am sooo stressed out right now that all my hair is GONE NOW!" She looked me straight in the eye and said, "whatever, you look like an Alien!"

By the time my jaw got back up off the floor she was sleeping and my husband reminded me (calmed me down) that I'm "human" and can't say anything stupid in retaliation. "When she gets up we'll talk to her."

So when she got up I asked her why she said what she said and she replied, "because you look weird and you won't get mad at me so I said it."

Wow, my own kid is bullying me....

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This is not directly related to hair loss, but I do think it is pertinent. Last week I had to see my doctor for a cortisone shot to the knee because 4 weeks ago I blew both knees badly riding my horse. Of course I was frustrated and frightened that I may not be able to ride or even walk in the future...
My doctor told me "You are in the body that you have. Not everyone can do everything they want to but that does not make them less than another. You must realize that life is often not fair but we do the best we can with what life gives us,"
I think this is a good lesson to teach your daughter now, she may be more accepting of others with challenges in the future.

Thank you for sharing that, it's so beautifully put!

Boy thanks for this post.I am going through a good stretch hair-wise (but I know it can always go the other way at any time). Since menopause, I am suffering from severe fear and anxiety about riding. Someone gave me a fabulous Iberian gelding, with FEI potential. Guess I should be thankful that I have the physical ability to still ride!

I stopped riding when I lost my hair after years of competition.
Enjoy your fabulous horse while you can take off your hat and not be embarrassed.
I miss riding and competing so much.
Actually you were the one who bullied her first. In the magical world of 7 year olds when your words meant "you are responsible for momma losing her hair" which is a horrible thing to tell her. Thank goodness she had some internal reaction to fight bullying with bullying. You as the adult should never accuse your child of causing hair loss no matter how bad she is being. I suggest you sit her down, say you made a mistake and explain that she has nothing to do with this condition.
Thank you for your response, it really opened up my eyes.
Please read again....miss erica didn't say you are the reason I'm losing my hair, she said " I am so stressed out right now this is the reason I'm losing my hair"
If a kid is old enough for a smart answer she's old enough to realise that stress doesn't help hair loss....live a day in a mums shoes, everyone has a breaking point and not everyone can wake up in the morning and say "oh great I'm bald let's get on with living life to the full. It's bloody tough putting a smile and a wig on everyday!!!
I truly agree with you I'm a single mother of 6 and I deal with this all the time and maybe people feel she shouldn't have said or did what she did is there Opinion and could have been done differently however, kids are not stupid and just because we are older doesn't mean we don't have feelings IT IS HARD AS HELL LIVING WITH THIS EVERYDAY ACTING LIKE IYS NOTHING.. When it is...!!! N r children should understand respect that PERIOD...
Well said x

as a teacher and a Adult, resect is mutual.. children are little people that deserve to be respected too. Not that I agree with the childs response but like Michael said, her mother was indirctly imlying the hair lost was her fault, not on purose tho

I understand the parent's and the child's point of view.
I'm many times speechless when dealing with this alopecia. Teaching respect is important. How honest do you have to be with your kids in a case like this.? I don't have the answers.

Thank you for clearing that up!!!!!



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