Has anyone tried a drug called Methotrexate for alopecia and folic acid as well and had a good amount of hair growth with it?

I just took my first dose of Methotrexate yesterday and didn't feel any pain or side effects with it so far. I am on 15mg dose and take it once a week and  folic acid on every other day not taking Methotrexate. It's this new treatment they are trying and I am just wondering if anybody else with Alopecia Aereata is on it. 

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I've never heard of this before. It's a new treatment? Keep us updated on how it works out for you.

Thank you I will, yeah its a new treatment if it works well I will keep updates I have pics from when I had some hair loss, to almost all, to when I used to have hair everywhere in my body.

I have been on Methotrexate with folic acid for about two years now.  It did initially slow down my hair loss, but has not regrown my hair. I am still on it, but recently started DCPC which has shown much better results.  Everyone is different though and it might work better for you.  I did not have any bad side effects from it, but do have to get monthly blood work. 

I see thanks for replying Starshine, what is DCPC though? Yeah you're right about that everyone is different the doctor said I am young and healthy so this might be enough for you. How old are you by the way?

I am 45. This is my first time with AA which started two years ago. DCPC is chemical they put on your scalp sort of like poison ivy. It creates an allergic response which diverts the immune system. So far it is working. Not all doctors do it though.

Oh I see well yeah see you got it a young age yours might go away though cause my one derm said the older you are if you first get the more likely it will fully go away. Poison ivy never heard of that being used I've heard of Aroma  therapy like what the chinese use to irritate the skin. Best of luck to you I am experiencing hair growth before I was put on this methotrexate last Saturday, but hopefully this medicine I am on will make it go away forever :)

I asked my doctor about this and she said she's afraid to give me anything that's so new for treating hair loss.  

She also referred me to a dermatologist and the wait period of several months might be an advantage for me

where maybe they would know more about it by then.

Yeah that is how long I had to wait when I switched derms by old derm was like that too he didn't want to try anything, this new derm is a lot more open minded.

I started Methotrexate in Feb.  The dose started at 15 then increased to 20. The medication is commonly used for auto-immune disorders and isn't new for AU treatment.  I was on 6 months then they added prednisone 10 mg and within a week had hair growth.  Methotrexate is very slow to work, but has a 75% success rate of hair regrowth.  Now at 9 months I have eyebrows re-growing, eyelashes starting and have facial hair down to my nose.  Started the regrowth at the crown and growth has been steadily moving downward.  I have to pause treatment for a pregnancy, but the doctor said I would be on for another 2 years before weaning off.  Most people don't have the patience to wait for the medication to work and initially it's spotty. I wasn't expecting total regrowth, but was only hoping for eyebrows, nose hair and eyelashes.  I have much more than that and scalp is about 1/2 in now.  I think the treatment would have been successful if I had continued.  AA is much more treatable and I think you'll have success with methotrexate. The medication has been around for 30 yrs so the side-affects are well known.  Just make sure that every 3 months they test kidney and liver functions.

I think everybody is different they don't have that many case studies on methotrexate for aa, au, and at this is something they have tried just a several months ago. I have only taken two doses within two week and my hair is already growing back, it was before I was even on the medication. If re-growth occurs for methotrexate it takes 1-3 months.


I am glad all your hair is growing back my eyebrows are growing back but slowly and my lashes never fell out neither did my armpit hairs.

I wonder why your Dr thinks the treatment is new. The first case study I read was in 2006 by Joly in France. My dr has been using this treatment since that time for AA, AT and AU.  It's a slow process because the med is affecting the immune cells that are rapidly growing and it doesn't work for everyone.  Can't remember which antibody or protein count the dr was watching, but he waited until it dropped to a certain level before starting the oral steroids.  My numbers took a long time to drop. I would recommend sticking it out even if you don't see results in 3 months.  It will slow down any addition hair loss.  I've been off for a month now and hair is still growing.   Eyebrows seem to take forever to grow back.  Good luck.

How long were you on the prednisone? My derm started with both Methotrexate and prednisone with no success so we just continued with the Methotrexate. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to try prednisone again. Thanks.



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