Hi! I've had this condition for 30+ years now. I've never gone in public without my hair. For the first time, after much self discovery, I think I'm ready. I work full time in a large office (400+) people. Only a handful of people know I am bald. Does anyone have any words of encouragement for me? I will probably start with hats and head wraps (scarves) first?

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I did this once for close to a year. It was amazing for me and my self acceptance. It was also terrifying the first day! I remember one good friend telling me emphatically "I am so proud of you!", and in moments of weakness that day I borrowed strength from that comment. So, I'd suggest arranging some back up - someone you know will cheer your courageous act of self love and remind you to celebrate it for what it is.

I also find answering surprise with surprise can be disarming. "You didn't know? I've been wearing wigs forever! I thought EVERYONE had figured it out by now! I'll pass the compliment on to the wig maker, she'll love that." :)

Thank you so much for your support and suggestions. It is so helpful to hear from others who have the same experience.

Here is my post on my blog from my first day bald at work...

I had been wearing wigs to work & no one had any idea! (Except for the people who I had already told). I had even worn scarves to work as well before I went bald. If you feel you are ready, then you can do it! You might start with scarves first and see how you like that. Once you are comfortable with that, then go bald. I agree with Sabrina. Try to find some back up. My boss was my back up. I still go bald to work now, wear wigs and scarves. People are so used to it now at my work.

You are beautiful, and you are courageous. We are here for you! Let us know what you end up doing.

Hi! Thanks for the help! Fortunately for me, I have a lot of support. I just need to hold my head up and not worry about what others think. I am feeling more courageous by the day.

I remember the first day my 10 year old walked into school bald. My husband had to drive him. I couldn't handle that. He walked through the entrance SOOOO strong and proud. No one asked him a thing. He said "my friends like me for who I am, not for my hair!" When he came home I tried to downplay it and asked how his day was. He said it was great. I left it at that. I only talk about it when he does. We don't make it define who he is. He is an amazing athlete, adorable and has a great personality. That is what we focus on...... Best of luck to you. My only suggestion would be to NOT start with scarves and hats because then people will start thinking that you have cancer and then rumors will start flying.

Hi! Bonnie,
What a great story about your son. I have a son who will be 10 years old next year. I was 14 when I lost all of my hair. I really wish I had the support I have today. And, your son is so right - people don't like us for our hair!

Whatever direction you decide to go-stand proud. You are beautiful without hair!!

Just remember it is ONE day of explaining and then you shall be free forever!! You can do it!!!

Thanks Casey. Looking forward to it!
Amen! I love being wig free!

I love that respose, Casey!!! Perfect!!!

Hi, I personally very rarely go out in public with my wig on. I worked in a call center and wore my wig for a while, but then just decided it wasn't working for me, so I told to my supervisors. I started off with explaining my condition and that I will be coming to work on Monday without my wig. People had questions and that was fine. I have always been very open about my hair loss. I just have never felt like myself in wigs. Admittedly it is fun sometimes to get dressed up and wear a wig, but not everyday. At first you may feel strange and be aware people are going to ask and many are going to think you are sick, but be open to explain yourself. I now have a daycare and my children I care for and their families know me no other way. When children ask me why I don't have hair I tell them, some people have blue eyes, some people have green eyes, some people have hair and some people don't. Be yourself, there is nothing wrong with a beautiful, smooth head. Be yourself, people like you and want to be around you because of who you are, not because you have hair. All the best



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