anyone have any experience with this type wig? I just happen to see it advertised on this web-site and interested to know more - would like to hear from anyone that has/is wearing one???


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I have one. It's okay. Construction is the basic lace top with wefted back. Inside, around the perimeter, there is a silicone that sticks to your head -- until you perspire. I purchased this unit to have something secure for rigorous ballroom dancing. Overall, I am surprised at how much it slips when I sweat. My MUCH less expensive custom-fit full lace unit from an overseas vendor stays on better with glue or tape.

I find the hair thin, especially in the back, and when the wind blows, the wefts are detectable, but the hair itself is a nice texture and has excellent movement. I personally was surprised to find so many return hairs poking out of the lace top. For the price (upwards of $3K), I guess I just expected more.

I'm still looking for other options.

I so much appreciate your response. I figured they were expensive after reading on the web-site, but I want the most for my money, I want it to be very durable, secure, and natural looking if I'm going to invest my hard earned money. I currently wear a vacunm piece which is great except for the summer months when it's so so hot. having peoples' personal experience with diffenent brands helps me to know which direction to go or try....again, thanks for taking the time to give me your opinion....I hope I get a few more....anyone who has had experience with this brand, PLEASE reply. much appreciated!

Hi Kimberley

My daughter wear Freedom Vacuum hairpiece (for the last 9 years). We have found this company and this product works very well for us. I help people in New Zealand with this type of hairpiece and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about it.

Also feel free to pop into my page and have a look at the piccies I have up of my daughter in her hairpiece.

Good luck with your investigations.


I also wear the same vacuum piece, and I REALLY do like it - I have been wearing them for about 12 years now. My main complaint is; how hot it is through the summer months (I live in a very hot and humid climate) anyway, I'm always looking to see what else is out there and if there is something else I might want to try. I LOVE the security of my vacuum piece and the quality of hair would be very hard to beat. :-)
I appreciate your response. Thanks!


I live in Auckland New Zealand (warm part of the world). My daughter does not find the FW unduly hot or uncomfortable. The Freedom Wig cap is made of a type of silicone where heat and vapour (perspiration), passes through the cap, making it very comfortable, while also being absolutely secure.

The FW hair is gorgeous (100% unprocessed virgin human hair). If you go to the freedom website then the 'contact us' page you will see the Independent Agent who would be closest to you. It may be helpful to contact one of them. All our US IA's wear the FW wig and have alopecia, so are able to pass on information that will help.

I will message you the website address.


I found the silicone vacuum wig intolerable when I went through menopause. One hot flash and it was all over for me. Now that is past history, and I can once again wear my pieces, but the silicone is deteriorating. These things have a shelf life. They are wonderful, and also very pricey. One has to weigh the value against the cost. Even if you don't wear these beautiful multi-grand dollar pieces, they deteriorate. The hair remains beautiful; the silicone is junk.

If your quality of life depends on having hair that no one else will think is not yours and is consistent, then the Freedom wig is worth the price. When I was younger and worked in Manhattan, it was the only option for me.

If you really don't care and change styles and colors often, then you can find equally comfortable and secure options at a cheaper cost. Now that I'm older and no longer live or work in a city, I find freedom in my options.

Our needs are different at points in our lives.

I tend to see hair like shoes....Some people buy Jimmy Choo's for a thousand a pair; I buy lace wigs to suit my mood, and I like the freedom to change it up. I change shoes to match an outfit -- I also change hair....blonde, brunette, or redhead? Depends on my mood and outfit!

I like the idea of spending $300 for something that looks great, that I can reorder, and that I can toss out when I'm done with it. I have friends who pay upwards of $250 for their cut and color every month.

Everyone is different and at different places in terms of their acceptance of alopecia. Everyone also has a different budget.

It seems like it took 800 years for me to get to this point of acceptance, but I think I've arrived!

My heart goes out to those still on the journey. I would love to help, but in the end, I think time is the great leveler/healer.

Hi Lori

I don't believe you have had the new Freedom cap...which is an improvement over what you may have worn back in the day. :) Here's the blurb so you can understand the differences.

These new All Silicone Freedom Wigs have no other adhesives - the cap is medical grade silicone, which is reinforced to maintain strength and longevity. The softness of the new silicone means much better security in all life situations. It's moisture vapour permeable, so it lets the water vapour passing through our skin (which is most of the perspiration) pass through the cap. It's waterproof, but vapour permeable making it more comfortable in warm conditions.

(this means that we can wash the interior without wetting our hair and when we do perspire, our hair remains dry! It's really the best of both worlds).

When swimming the cap is secure and wet you get out of the water your hair drys just like someone's growing soggy wet material. Just a thin water silicone cap to keep you secure and comfortable.

My daughter has been wearing this type of wig for the last 8 or so years. She loves them.


I hate to say this but even though I too own a FW it is hot and I do sweat quite a bit in the summer months if there is no A/C or controlled temperature. Yes I have found it to be the best option for me but I do avoid wearing it if I have to be in extreme heat or in circumstances that are hot.


I talk to people all the time about this....not the least of all my daughter. I just talked to a lady who holidayed in Greece. She said that her Freedom hairpiece kept her comfortable...even in that heat. She was quite shocked when she took her FW off and felt the outside of it... that the sun had made it very hot...but she was comfortable. This happens with growing hair as well. When I touch my hair when I have been in the's hot, but I personally don't feel hot.
I believe that if you have temp problems (menopause or other things like thyroid etc) and the heat is coming from within you...then there is little that can help. I deal with this personally with my own hot flashes.

People have also said that the Gripper Sport is hot, I would think it may have similar coverage with silicone.

There is nothing out there that is perfect... I so wish alopecia wasn't a part of anyone's life, then we wouldn't have to make these compromises


so you bought a Follea as a second piece? what product do you use that makes it better?

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