One of my main concerns with alopecia are the eyebrow.

Check this website i just found:

What do you think of it? Does anyone know something similar or better?

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Pelo que percebi pelo teu perfil também és português. Eu também sou de Lisboa e tenho alopécia universal. Já pesquisei muito sobre sobrancelhas 3D no nosso país e encontrei isto 

Tenho muito receio de fazer e de não gostar, mas acho que poderá valer a pena ir a uma consulta para saber como se processa, e eventualmente ver algumas fotos.

É pena não existir uma página deste tipo para portugueses, mas descobri que existe uma página de facebook que reune pessoas com alopécia em Portugal.

Espero ter ajudado e que possamos trocar informações

Yep, just gone my eyebrows done a week ago. I love them. They were 500$ because the artist is amazing. here's a picture of my makeup less face (with added makeup smudges) with the brows done.

Hey Rach, thank you for your reply. The eyebrows do make a huge difference in the facial expression, you look beautiful :). The price is not really my concern, if you are making something that is permanent the only concern should be the perfection of it. Where did you find that artist?  

thank you ^_^ well, my artist is the top rated in colorado and I found her with a quick google search. She markets herself online well.  I would google "semi permanent makeup (your city/state)" to find one. maybe throw "alopecia" or "chemo" in there as well :) 

If that doesn't yield results, call beauty spas and places where estheticians work. They always know of a good one that they probably get their own brows done at!

There are lots of places to get your eyebrows tattooed. 

My advice is be careful who you choose and don't go to heavy. Less is defiantly More! You don't want to end up looking clownish!

Good luck!!!

This is quite interesting, I wonder if there is any thing similar in Canada, I've never looked into it

Of course this procedure is available to you in Canada Nammer!

I really exited with this website result check this:

(page available in english)

Something similar like an eyebrow tattoo can also be done on the top of your head. You can make a "hair pigmentation" where you create the illusion that you have some tiny dark hairs growing on your head. Unfortunately, that is rather an option for men... But Eyebrows is definitely something to look into.





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