anyone without lashes ever use false ones?  I've been told it won't work for me because I don't have any lashes to support the false ones. 

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Not true, it will work fine if you have someone help you to understand how to apply them. The best and most natural ones are Ardell #109. You can buy them in bulk with Madam Madeline and she gives discounts to those for medical hairless. They cost about half the price with them if you order in bulk. They will last at least a week each pair if you are gentle with them and clean them properly. GO to Mac Makeup people, they are really nice and can help you with your eyes so they look amazing. 

Is there a code to use for the discount?

Let me look at my past orders and get back to you. When my daughter lost her lashes I called a local mac makeup counter or  you can call one of their stores. I shared what happened to my daughter and they were happy to help. It is important to make an appointment if at all possible. You should be ready to buy a product or two from them but let them know these lashes are best for medical hair loss. Let me find that discount code. 

Fantastic. I can have someone help me. I would like to wear them at least for special occasions. 

They work fine, if you can figure out how to apply them.  I haven't figured it out.  :(

My problem is that i can't see well enough close up to apply lashes on my own. I may try again though. Thanks!

Have you ever seen those eye glasses, I think they sell them at Bed Bath and Beyond where one lens can be lifted up while the other can stay down to help you see better. Also you might try a 10x magnifying mirror, those will help too. I am waiting to hear back from Madam Madeline for the distributor discount on the Ardell lashes. I pay about $2.60 a pair when I order 30 pairs at a time. You can order less but they will cost just a bit more. They are an amazing company. 

Thanks. I'm looking into those glasses you mentioned. I do have a nice big magnifying mirror which I use foe eyeliner etc.  I will also check out the lashes you are talking about. 

led magnifying mirror.  will change your life.

Madame Madeline has sent me the code for an additional 22% off on eyelashes and glues and I wanted to share it with the group. It is PCS20

Best company to work with. They are amazing.

I find it really difficult to apply fake eyelashes. I usually just line the waterline with black eyeliner instead. If I'm really feeling it I'll cut the fake eyelashes in half so it's just the outer part of the eye, seems to work better. 

Good tip. Thanks. I haven't tried any lashes since loosing all of mine. I also carefully line my eyes. I enjoy experimenting with different colors and such. May have someone help me apply lashes for special occasions.



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