i have shaved my head for the first time and i am too embarrassed to get outside without shaving my head everyday . if any one facing similar problem what you do ? do you shave daily ? i have stopped getting outa my home because of this! help me please 

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Hi.. I recently shaved my head and my scalp looks a lot like that but on the sides and back, and my spots are much bigger. My husband says I look cool like I've been in a fight. He's a dear. As a woman I am lucky to be able to throw on a wig and have no worries.. but it's so uncomfortable! So most of the time I wear a beanie, I can see in your profile pic you do that too. So do whatever makes you feel comfortable to go out of the house, but don't hide inside it will make you depressed!

Also, my teen daughter just walked up and said you look fine and don't worry.. and trust me no-one is as critical as a 16 year old girl.

That was a beautiful reply. Lots of love to ur teen daughter ! And yes I do have spots on my side and back too . The problem is the temperature here in India to wear a beanie all the time it's cruel hot in here. So when don't wear a beanie I shave my head myself everyday and get out. Good u are having a supportive husband
I shave daily in shower every morning before work.
if it is Sunday let's say and I will only visit family then I don't care if don't shave.
but I have only 10-15 % of my hair. more hair u have more difficult it is.
Yes even I feel comfortable if I shave my head . But it's difficult to shave everyday. And it's difficult to wear a hat or wig in this hot climate. I'm confused. It's been 7 months. It's still spreading but not growing in any spots
on a side note... this fucking disease is in our genes I get it.. but i find that some group of people have it more. for example I am persian and I know a few Persians with this also. i see a lot of Indians too. tons of Americans also. weird...
One more thing I am worried about . Will this become totalis ? I had alopecia when I was 12 once and it started growing back. Now I'm 21 I got alopecia back badly . Will it become totalis?
buddy nobody knows this.
but from what I observed people who developed the disease at a young age will generally see future episodes... it may worsen or not.
stay strong



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