Let's lighten this up a bit! What is the craziest thing you, your doctor, or your parents have done to try to cure this thing?

I remember when I was about 7 or 8, we were out in CA visiting my mom's family, and she has this kinda hippy new age brother who was/is kinda (we're not sure anymore) married to a full on hippy new age woman. Anyway, they talked my mom into taking me to see these psychic healers. I remember we went to these peoples home, and they put me on this table and lit candles all around me, and were holding thier hands out over the top of me and moving them back and forth over me in an attempt to sense what was wrong with my bodies energy. I remember thinking to myself, this is the strangest thing I've ever experianced. Anyway, after we were done, they told us that I was imbalanced, and needed to take these herbs and creams that, wouldn't you know it, they happened to sell! To this day, that was the wierdest, and one of the funniest (looking back) things I've ever experianced!

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My AA started at 18 months of age. My parents would spread 'bear grease' on my head (some poor PA black bear had to donate it) - it smelled horribly & was thick. They also would hold me upside down & rub my head vigorously with a rough towel to "stimulate the blood flow." Nothing worked of course. A doctor they took me to see would do X-Ray treatments of my head - maybe that's why I see humor in everything (good result for me!). Then there was the use of 'holy water' from Lourdes (yes, I was raised Catholic). None of these worked, but it makes for funny comments & reflections now.
I too was annointed with some "holy ointment" my members of the Mormon Church! Dude!! Y'all are bringing back so many memories!! Great to have a sense of humor about these things!
LOL! The things we put ourselves through in the name of hair.

I've hung upside down from my couch to get blood to flow to my scalp and stimulate the follicles. My mom has suggested that I remove my belly ring in case any chemicals from the metal were poisoning me (did I do it? hell no!) =)
She's also suggested that I go to a witch doctor to remove the "curse" I have on me. Then for a while she was insisting that the neighbors were sending me bad energy and giving me the evil eye, so she would squeeze her eyes shut and focus on sending the negative energy right back to them.
A little rediculous, but looking back on it gives me a good laugh.

Hahaha... reading your story gave me a good laugh ...thanks for posting ... greetings Sam
Let's see ... There was the unfortunate rubbing an onion on my head every day, I felt too icky and smelly to go on with it. So now I'm sticking with lavendar and aloe and things that at least make me smell nice and feel good.

Also, when I was still going to a hairdresser, right before I stopped, the woman who washed my hair invited me over so her and her daughter could do reiki hands on healing for me and run sage incense up and down my body while chanting, "Cleanse the body, heal the soul."
Hello Dominique, I did the aloe as well but after a while it stopped. There is a lady in Curacao that has her own herb garden and makes special kind of things. I got a small sample but the thing with me is that I forget to rub this .. 2 days i do it but than i forget. Same with pills... http://www.dinahveeris.com/ maybe it helps. Greetings Sam
Very soon after I was diagnosed I found about some healer who heal people and preform some kind of virtual operations. So I go there 3 times and spend about $500. Just for you to know I have been operated by invisible doctor from 4 dimension, and like I was told... time there is different then here, so one hour in our time is one week in 4 dimension...So It looks like pretty good deal after all :))))))))))))))))))))))
And yes, they told me that I was under some black magic spell , but he clean this for me about 80%....ohhh lucky me

Am I queen of stupidity or what?!
Mine is simple- squashed roaches' juice being rubbed all over my scalp...when I had alopecia totalis at 10 + oral steroids = 6 years full head of hair. By 17 years old.....till now ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS...lol
UGH!! Squashed roaches is the undefeated champion of the world!!
Hair is overrated. Definately not worth rubbing roach juice on your head!
Haha...everyone seemed to agree that I am the winner. thanks guys. Do you know why I remember the use of squashed roaches' juice so clearly when I was at 10? ...it was not because of being gross...because I remember sitting on the steps on the door, where we kept a special type of roaches (doesnt look like ordinary ones) in a box...in the box there were lots of torn newspaper and I tend to hunt and look for the biggest roach...I love bugs when I was 10. But I wasnt the one who squashed them and apply their juices on my head...its my grandma and mum...lol

lol.. wow very funny. love it... i think the craiest thing would be... when i put eggs and mayo on my bald spots and slept in a plastic bag on my head... woke up with crusty face... but those with hair swear by it lol... fyi still bald.



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