I have a hard time finding any recovery stories on here and i find it makes me lose hope!
I am sure many people that use this site and have full recovery dont really bother on here any more and that may be the reason, but I am hoping for any you that are on here that have a good and positive story to share about regrowth would please respond!
I have had regrowth and full recovery many many times in the last 21 years but this time is the worst I have ever had and it doesnt seem to be doing well ... although I have about half of my hair back (but all white) and my eyebrows come and go and my eyelashes are there but only if you look close, and my arm hair ALL fell out and is almost all back!!>?? I guess I am lucky this far but it is still very confusing and I am very much hoping someone (even one person) has a similar story with positive results....

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In the last 15 years that I've had alopecia I've had all my hair grow back twice and the 2nd time it stayed around for about 3 years. 6 years ago I had to cut what little hair I had left after it all started falling out again and now I'm having regrowth again. Def nothing that will get me to stop wearing my wigs anytime soon, but enough that I have almost one full eyebrow, eyelashes on another eye and a ton of hair on the back of my head, now it just needs to move to the front. My leg and arm hair have never grown at all period, so I guess that's a good thing. My hair comes and goes as it pleases. I don't do medications or treatments anymore, because I've always had the regrowth occur on it's own. I know that alopecia has a mind of it's own and it'll continue to do that, but here's some hope for you. My younger sister was the first one in our family to have alopecia. At the age of 4 she developed AA, had a couple bald spots and they all grew back. She is now 25, hasn't ever lost any hair since then or had any signs of alopecia ( I lost my hair at age 12 and am now about to turn 27 and I'm still dealing with it). So she got lucky and if it could happen like to her, I know there's some hope of it growing back one day and not falling out again.
My hair isn't completely filled, but it almost is. It's thicker than it has ever been since I was little. I've been using prednizone and taking daily antihistamines (alopecia is auto-immune related thus allergies can trigger immune functions which will cause irritation, in this case, causing hair to fall out) and I've noticed huge improvements. The prednizone samples (5 mg a day) are taken orally and ive never noticed rogaine doing much unless you work on your inner functions first and then worry about topical conditions afterwards. I have little hairs in all my bald spots and they are filling in pretty quickly. My dermatologist was very impressed. Alopecia shouldn't be ignored for it is actually an immune problem which should be recognized and cured or it could lead to bigger problems especially if it is passed on to future generations, so please be sure to research this and ask your doctor about it.
Have you had regrowth after removing gluten and dairy and eggs? Cause I did that diet for a few months and I didn't feel better I actually felt worse, my thyroid was still in the toilet and there was no regrowth whatsoever. Do you have any links to research that points out that diet as a treatment for alopecia? If so I would love to read it. I am aware that alopecia is an autoimmune disorder but I've never heard of a diet change as being at all relevant to alopecia.
Sorry if that seemed a little bitter Susan that was a really bad night for alopecia for me but I am genuinely interested.



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