Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone has dyed there remaining hair or has dyed teheir hair after their hair has come back?
i lost a lot, and now for the first time in nearly 5 years i seem to have it all back, which is brilliant. but i would love to dye my hair purple!
this also means that they may have to bleach it forst.
so i was just wondering if anyone has dyed theirs and has had a negative reaction, or more hair has come out or anything? because then obviously i would'nt do it!
hannah x

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Hello! Well, my hair will never come back so I can't dye it. I lost it in the year 1975. I can't afford pills, cream, shot's or anything else can use. So I wouldn't know what to tell you. Would like you as a friend though.
hi mine started to grow back after nearly 3 yrs of aa i only had 5 small patches size of a penny, it got some growth on it so thought i would slap a red dye on to try and get a bit of me back, about a month later i found my 5 patches had grown and 3 bigger ones had appeared but as find with different ppl everyone is effected differently, but good luck with it hun, id try streaks first easy your hair back in to it, hope this helps emma x
If you want to dye it I suggest foil highlights the dye doesn't touch your scalp and will be less burn on your scalp like regular hair dye does.
Hey -
I asked my doctor about this -- she said "of course you can dye your hair, the problem is all internal." I was a bit nervous at first but it's now been about two years since I started coloring my hair and it has not made any difference with the pattern of my AA at all. :) I'll even dye those white whispy hairs sometimes to help the bald spots look more filled in- and I never had a reaction to that either. Have you ever dyed your hair? If not, maybe do a little area for allergy test before you do it all to be sure you don't have any problems.
Manic Panic is a good dye to use. It isn't harsh. I wouldn't bleach it though. Everyone has different triggers, but bleaching is extremely stressful on ANYONE's hair and scalp.
I am so glad that you have your hair back.
to be honest i would not recommend to do anything with it, enjoy it
recently i found out that i have aa.some parts of the bald parts feel different then others do you regocnize that. i just wa nt to know if it possible to get my hair back,because of the different spots





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