So wanted to see what opinions are on allergies causing AA. here's my dilemma I started getting spots about 3 week after I got a new dog. Now I've had dogs before and never in my life had any type of alopecia .. Until now that is. Am I being silly or is this something I should get tested. I love this dog and am hoping it's just a bad coincidence. Any thoughts would help. Thank you

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There is a correlation with gluten (food) allergies.

As far as I know there is no research to date correlating gluten to Alopecia.  Alopecia is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the hair follicles on the head and in the case of Alopecia Universalis (which I have) on the entire body.   The difficulty is there is no known cause for this disease.  Who knows what each individual's trigger is.  At the end of the day removing the trigger will not cure the disease.  Once it is there is there....there are some treatments that are successful for the less severe of the disease.  I would consult your doctor.    I would keep your dog ;-)

There have indeed been studies that correlate gluten to alopecia but correlation =/= causation. Also, it could trigger it in some and not in others. Autoimmune triggers differ from individual to individual.

Personally I feel that allergies can be a trigger for AA -my son was tested for food allergies, and the test came back identifying mutliple allergies....he removed the allergens from his diet and his hair started growing back.  Now, there is no solid evidence that it was the allergens, I think more of a gut feeling.  You know your body best and how to read the signals. I would definately get tested to make sure you are not allergic to the dog (pet dander,....) So little is known about AA that you almost have to be your own detective......

Did you remove the dog from your life and has it helped?
I have been to a dermatologist and he gave me the shots but started with one or two spots has turned into about a dozen. In all sizes. Nothing seems to be helping They have now put me on anti fungle meds.
I have pain and little pimple like things in these spots so they (doctors) don't know what to think. So now asking for allergy test next. I'm at a loss:-(. Thanks for the conversation I really do appreciate you.

Hmm interesting,are you sneezing or having any other symptoms like allergic to dog?

When I first had spot, dr thought ringworm and put me on heavy drugs. Than after few months of them testing my liver cause drugs so hard on and skin said none.  Ran million other tests and kind of scarey cause some you wait while to hear back and fatal. All fine, They always do Thryoid and always tested normal. That I've heard most common for some hair lose fine. Some people say allergies, but have heard like 90% unknown. Some people say if you have one autoimmune more common another related. I have eczema and they thought food, but I don't eat wheat or dairy and still have. Have losted most my hair and really not sure why. I try always quiz people and new practitioners, but so far no real cause. Just try to be healthy as can and avoid things that could irritate me. Best with!

I have AU.  Several websites mention 'quieting your immune system' or gluten free will help.  I mentioned this to my allergist and his opinion is that there is no correlation.  He went into great detail about the different parts of the immune system and how allergy affect lymphocytes and t-cells.  Auto-immune disorders affect a completely different part of the immune system. He said if there was a correlation there would be research/studies to prove. Each individual responds differently. If you have a gluten allergy, it can cause hair loss not because the allergen affect on the immune system, but because you aren't absorbing the nutrients that support hair growth. Keep the dog.

Wow that's the best explanation ever. Thank you so much and yes I plan on keeping him. Guess I'm just at a loss and am reaching for anything here on why this would happen to me now at the age of 42 with no warning:-( Again thank you

I am 99.9% sure my daughters alopecia was triggered by food allergies. 

I feel the same way about my son - also triggered by food allergies and environmental allergens.....



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