Hello everyone-
I'm not currently doing any topical treatments for my very diffuse AA (we are talking all over hair loss of about 50%). Anyhow, my scalp breaks out with acne badly- straight up normal zits! It's horribly embarrassing and downright painful. My Derm gave me clindamycin creame but basically shrugged it off. Anyone else experience this?
I'm currently using tea tree oil shampoo and normal conditioner. I wash my hair daily to get rid of oil (hair becomes oily within a day and I have so little hair it looks horrible if not washed). I try applying the cream but I feel like I get more on my hair than my scalp. Also they are not ingrown hairs/no hair coming out of pimple.

Thoughts? I want to shave my head but not till this is solved. I'm going crazy!

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I had that happen in my 20's and the only thing that fixed it was a course of oratane. Do you have problems with excess sebum production elsewhere or is it just the scalp?
Other than some facial acne (mild), nope!
Acne anywhere does mean excess sebum, are they sure it's alopecia areata and not androgenetic? You may need to see another dermatologist if the scalp acne continues and the one you're seeing is only going to shrug it off, my scalp acne caused the glands at the back of my neck to swell and become sore as well so my dermatologist took it seriously.
They did a scalp biopsy and said its AA. It was weird to me because I've never really lost my hair in circular patches, just diffuse hair loss over whole head.

I do not have any facial acne but did get some on my scalp (I beleive from using topical steriods) and my derm perscridbe Clindamycin as well and said that acne on the scalp can happen with use of topical steroids for me.

I have this same exact problem right now. I have tried so many different things to get rid of these unsightly bumps.

I had them before treatments and much worse after. I haven't used any topical products (steroids or minoxidil) in a month! I just recently bought neutrogena T/Sal shampoo and am hoping it will help!

I've tried washing my head with acne medication and it never gets any better. I've even taken clindamycin antibiotics.

They had suggested the oral antibiotics for me too. They are just so gross and painful. I hate that people can see them. I'm okay with going bald, but not okay with this!

I had labs ordered for testosterone, total and DHEA-sulfate. These are male hormones that can cause hair loss and acne.

My computer is messing up. This first message may come through or not. Cured zits by using baby shampoo or white shampoo with conditioner. It was the dyes I was allergic to. Biotin and iodine is how I cured my alopecia. Kelp is a good source for iodine, get 100% and not too much more of iodine and much more in biotin. 1200% mdr wont hurt you in biotin. Use non ammonia based hair dye for the white hair when it grows back. It will be thin at first but will thicken. Click on my avatar face and read my profile for more info. Have a nice day! Rob

Hi! I have the same exact thing! Pimples all over my scalp, and then I pick at them or it gets dry and itchy and it's a never ending cycle. My scalp always has those creepy crawly feeling. Anyway, I have an oily scalp and really dry hair! I also have diffuse hair loss ever since I hit puberty at 12, and I'm 22 now and my hair is finally just starting to grow back.

I lost my hair because of iron deficiency anemia and low vitamin D levels. I've been taking supplements and it's finally growing!!

As for the scalp acne/folliculitis my dermatologist gave me a liquid steroid called fluocinide (or something like that) and all I had to do was rub a couple drops all over my scalp and the pimples would be gone by the next morning when I'd wake up... this was all great and stuff until I realized how bad it was for you and not for long term use!

So then I started using the Walgreen brand Therapeutic T+PLus Salicyclic Acid dandruff shampoo maximum stregnth and OMG it is working miracles. Now I only break out when I don't use it. Any other shampoo makes me break out (and I've tried everything from sulfate free....to baking powder...super expensive shampoo...baby shampoo...biolage...everything!) I've also discovered that MOST conditioners make me break out A LOT too!! SO now I try not to get any on my scalp, but that's hard not to do, so I've been looking for alternatives and found a cheap way that helps condition/detangle your hair AND IT KILLS THE BACTERIA that causes those pimples!! ....organic apple cider vinegar!! Do your research on it! It relieved a lot of people's scalp issues and for some even grew back their hair.

I have to be honest and say I've only just started using it this past week, but it's working amazing. Any small random pimples that I had on my scalp that the walgreens dandruff shampoo didn't get rid of, this stuff did.

I just a quarter cup in 2 cups of water and dumped it over my hair in the shower after shampooing and just left it in. didn't rinse it out or anything... my hair was super easy to comb after and really shiny!!

give it a try!! do both the shampoo and the organic apple cider vinegar (organic and unfiltered with "mother") for just ONE week and hopefully it'll work for u! If not u can always return the shampoo to walgreens (save the recipet) and the vinegar save for cooking or something, it's only like $5 anyway

good luck!!

btw tea tree oil is good for ur hair so you're on the right path, but buy it by itself. like PURE tea tree oil, not just a shampoo that claims it has it in there because companies lie :)



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