Hi everyone,

I have just joined this site. I am hoping to find some friends who truly understand what it is like to live with no hair. I have been wearing a wig for 13 years now, quite an old timer really. I'm 40 years old, married with two daughters. I'd love to hear from anyone who understands the daily ups and downs of living like this.

Starr xx

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Hi Starr
I have recently joined this site. Im in UK 51yrs old, divorced with AU for 6/7yrs. I wear a wig during the winter, and for special occasions !! Most of the time I wear nothing on my head, which feels so natural. I have eyebrows tattooed on, and the only thing I really miss is eyelashes, then my eyes would not look so "piggy".
Most of the time It doesnt worry me having AU, but some days when im feeling "touchy" it does get me down.
We all have days when we feel vulnable what ever we have wrong with us.
Im sure we will both find a lot of support on here, and I have added you as a "friend" hope that is ok.
Hi Gill

Thanks for adding me as a friend.

'piggy eyes' you got it in a nutshell, thats one of my most hated features, and I rarely go out without eyeliner.

I'd love to wear nothing, on my head, and have done so on holiday. I suppose I worry that my kids and hubby will not like me walking around au natural - of course they'd never say that but my daughters are 11 and 14, a difficult age for them to deal with unwelcome stares and an embarassing mum. It seems easier for everybody if I wear my wig.

I too had my eyebrows tatooed on. I wish I hadn't because my own have partially grown back. The lady who did them said they were semi-permanent and would last 3-5 years. Eight years on they are still going strong, damn it !

I'd love to have eyeliner tatooed on but I'm not brave enough, I hear that it hurts.

Anyway, today is a good day for me. Hope its the same for you.

Thanks again for replying.

Starr xx
hi starr, im not completely bald and only found out i had aa 3mths ago so bit new to the upp's and down all tho im going thought i lot of them at the moment... but have had added you as friend if you ever need to talk .. xx
Hi Emma

Thanks for your post. Hope your having a good day today. I'm waiting for news on the arrival of my new custom made wig. Due any day now, I've been waiting for 8 weeks, getting impatient now.

Thanks for the offer to talk..

Starr xx
Hi Star,

I'm sure you will find a number of people on this site who you can relate to. I myself have had alopecia me entire life (23 years)- from the early ages of 9 months and I've never know what its like to have hair, until I recently started experimenting with wigs. It's fun to have a new look.


Hi Starr!

I'm also new to this site and I love it. The people that have reached out to me are wonderful. It's so nice to speak to people who really understand you.
I'm 41, married and have two children, 5 and a half and 4 and a half. They have seen me with and without hair and it doesn't phase them. I've had AA for the first two years and then I joined the AU club and been without hair for 8 years. I hate it just as much as everyone else does. It's really, really hard some days and other days I can just deal with it. I'm very happy I'm not sick and that's the only thing that keeps my spirits up when I'm so down.
I feel a lot has been taken away, swimming, exercising, anything to do with the heat, unless, of course, I wear nothing on my head and get stares. I don't think I'm ready for that. My husband wouldn't like that either, but it's time to get used to the stares so I can be comfortable and not sweat in the summer.
I also had my eyebrows tatooed on. She did them a little hight than where they wold normally go, because she said when you get older they droop a little, and now some have come back and you see the line. The tatoo is faded and I don't want to do that again.
What's great about this site is that everyone here understands the ups and downs, so you'll never by lonely.
You didn't mention where you live. I live in NJ, not far from Great Adventure.
Any time you want to talk just write , Hope you are having a better day.
Thanks Debbie.

Sounds like we have a lot in common, similar age, married, two children. I have had a similar problem with my eyebrows, fortunately they are pretty well lined up with my natural ones which are now growing back, I do wish I hadn't done it.

My latest idea is to get semi permanent eyeliner done. I have spoke to someone about it and have been told it hurts which puts me off.

Hope you are having a good day today.

Starr xx
Hi Tim

Nice to hear from you, at least where I live it doesn't get that cold and night time is the time when I always bare my head to the open air, allow it to breathe so to speak. I am working on letting it breathe in the open air and daylight too.

Hope you're having a good day.

Starr xx
Hola Starr... :o)
I can relate, I have been wearing a wig for almost ten years now. My son is Almost ten (Next week) and I started wearing a wig when he was one years old. Kinda blows me away that, it has been that long. I am 34 years old and living in Sunny California..
At this current moment, I am dealing with a lot of emotions. I am usually a down to earth, silly girl. But, since Saturday I have not been that way.. I am going through relationship issues- (which suck)
Kinda trying to figure out what to do next... My stomach is in a race and I cant eat anything...
Hi Zoey,

Hope today is a better day for you. You're right, how time flies and you realise how long you've actually been dealing with this condition and made it through so far. Hats off to us ehh.

Hope you manage to get through your current problems, there is a light at the end of the tunnel I'm sure.

We have already learnt to be strong, just need to use that strength now.

If you want to chat some more to send me a message.

Starr xx
Hi Starr!

I am new to this site as of tonight. I've been into it a few times but not consistantly. I am so very empathetic to your ups and downs of living bald. Just after Thanksgiving of last year I lost my hair (totally gone by the end of the year). Freaked me out! And to boot all the doctors didn't give me any information much less hope. I pretty much have diagnosed myself with Alopecia Universalis. Anyway, I'm 46 years old and just recently divorced. Some times I feel like I'm coping just fine and then other times I just get so depressed at looking like a reptile! I have not gotten used to wearing a wig so my hat's off to you (no pun intended) for doing so for 13yrs! I feel for you and all of us that have this condition. I need some friends that understand and I want you to know that there are those of us out here that understand!!!!! I've recently had my eyebrows tatoo'd and it really does make a differnce. I'm also one that is a bit apprehensive about getting the eyeliner tatoo. We need to stay strong and consider ourselves lucky that it's not worse! I know easier to say than to feel!
My prayers are with you and all of us that have this condition!
Thanks Margo

Nice to hear from you. 'a reptile' ha ha ha , like that description.
I think that losing my hair has made me a little insecure, and perhaps sometimes a little clingy, I am always hoping that this does not have a negative effect on my relationship with my hubby, although I'm sure it must have.

Do you have chidlren ?

Starr xx



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