Has anyone ever heard of trichodynia? I have this pain in my scalp that really hurts. It's not as much of a tingly itch as it is a burning pain. It feels like if you were to pull your hair in a VERY tight ponytail and you could feel the tugging at the root. I did some research and think I have trichodynia. They say it's common with telogen effluvium and pattern loss (I have one or both of the two). If anyone has heard of this and found a treatment please let me know. THANKS!

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Hi Laurie, I have heard of trichdynia. A friend of mine was diagnosed with this. It is a neuropathy of the scalp which is believed to cause symptoms like yours. This and another problem called Cutaneous Allodynia, I've been told, are confusing to some docs because patient's present with the complaint of their hair hurting.
Do you remember any details about your friend's diagnosis? Like what treatments the doctor prescribed? Also, do you remember if it corresponded with an increase in hair shedding? My hair literally seems to be falling out! I still look like I have a full head of hair, but am really considering shaving it and wearing scarves. I think I would feel emotionally free.
Hi Laura,
Hi have been experiencing this too for awhile. I feel it most on top of my head. Sometimes it feels a little swollen, like I bumped it. I will be seeing an endo as well at Mayo in November (they seem to be very booked up) and I plan on asking him.
Hello Laurie,

I experienced this throughout almost my whole experience with Alopecia. I had talked to people about this at work and they looked at me like I was absolutely insane. Plus, let me tell you, I work in the health care field. It just goes to show you how little people know and understand this joy we call Alopecia. I always experienced the pain just prior to losing tremendous loss of hair. I haven't had it in a while but, really, I'd rather be completely bald and be free of the freakish spots on my head and no longer anticipate the pain that comes with it.

Be strong, that's all we can hope for. Debbie (Wyoming)
I also have the scalp pain. I have always described it like a pony tail that was too tight all day. Obviously, I'm not wearing any ponytails :) I have no idea if they can do anything about it. Mine comes and goes. sometimes its on the right side, sometimes the left, sometimes not at all. I was told that the itching and the pain are just a part of it for some people. bummer!
Hi Laurie!

I also have FPB, and scalp pain. I've had problem with hairloss since the age of 13-14, but it became very visible after i disscontinued the BCP, just like you. My hairloss started 4months after stopping the pill and has not stopped yet, this since Jan 2007. I've experienced scalp pain from Jan-Aug this year and lost lots and lots of hair after the scalp pain period. Now I'm undergoing a laser therapy treatment for 1year and it seems to help, at least the scalp pain I haven't experienced since I started the treatment end Aug.

I've taken all the tests, in different countries too, Sweden, China, India. (I have lived in different contries the past years.) They can't find anything wrong...Also been to holistic doctors, traditional chinese medicine, accupuncture, you name it, nothing helps. Laser therapy seems to slow down the hair loss a bit, that´s positive
I am suffering from all of the above listed. I stopped the pill, hair started to thin after 4 months, now 14 months later - still thinning and my scalp is killing me more than ever. Starting to use Foltene. Clearly the diminished levels of estrogen/progesterone have triggered a frenzy inside my body.

Has it occurred to anyone to go back on the Pill to reverse these effects ?
I have this problem since five years. Initially looking at the rate at which my hair fall(>100 per day), I convinced myself Ill be bald in 2 years. But it didn’t and my hair is still thinning. I had the hair root pain since then. Any way, just recently I read about inflammation caused internally in our body due to our lifestyle. I tried having broccoli an anti-inflammatory food source and pain seem to have stopped immediately for a week but returned as i started having high sugar content food since yesterday.
can any one having the same condition try this and post their findings.
Hi! I have heard of Trichodynia and I am pretty sure I have it. I am not new to hair/scalp issues, however. About 5 years ago a derm diagnosed me with Telogen Effluvium. It only lasted about 6 months but then about 2 years ago I began losing VAST amounts of hair and began getting bald spots. I was diagnosed with Alopecia. This is when my scalp began hurting and it hasn't stopped since. It hurts right now infact. I have lost close to 70% of my hair to my estimation. The "hurt" is like a dull burning. Very sensitive when my hair is moved and laying my head on my pillow can sometimes be pretty painful. Mostly I feel pain on the crown and nape of the neck. I have been to several derm's and have had all the test you can have. Everything was norm execpt once I had low iron but took pills and its norm now. Like many others on this sight, I sometimes get the urge to just shave my head! Maybe one day. Well, thanks for listening to me go on about my issues!
I have been having this Scalp burning, pinching, itching.....mostly burning for about a month now. I had a Bout with it about 2 years ago that lasted for many months, then again about a year after that but it did not last as long maybe only 2 - 3 months. It just left when I had it befor, no explination. I have also been to diffrent doctors and they all have no idea. I was put on diffrent antidepressants that only made me very sick, I am not depressed I am normally a very happy person except when this is happening. It is like chinese water torcher! I had really bad Hair loss about 10 years ago or so and had to get cordizone shots in my scalp to grow my hair back but only loose hair in patches every once in a while now and it always grows back in time. I have seen a defferent doctor now and he is watching my blood pressure and thinks it could be that as it is high, so I go back to see him next week and I really have nothing to say, not as bad as it was but still there and driving me crazy.
I was just diagnosed with Trichodynia and Chronic Telogen Effluvium last week. The hair loss is terrible and sad but sometimes I think the pain is worse. It's a pain I have never experienced before.
Hi I've had burning and itching scalp for over two years. at first it was May to Oct the only way I could calm it was with ice I tried all shampoos, creams. went to dermotolgist, neuroligists and allergists and pain management. but when it stopped in Oct I felt grateful then next Spring it started so I felt heat triggered in (I live in California) so wear a full hat and stay cool..but this year it didn't go away in October and I wish I knew what triggered it. I just had a recent MRI and no history of disease or outward signs I am 69 and have had melanoma but there is no sign of it. I know it started when I started heavy exercise and sweating so when I found out about substance P..and I wonder if I have too may SP receptors I KNOW it is nerve related from inside. One doctor suggested Botox another Kenalog injections. I am afraid if they cut the nerve or shut it down what else are they cutting off. Thanks for being on this site. I've googled so may sights:and you have so many with similar problems...esp Jodi I have notice an extreme receding hair hairline.



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