This may seem like a very odd question for discussion but.... Despite the roller coaster ride of emotions that are part and parcel of alopecia, has anyone ever, in a very objecteive moment, looked in the mirror and said to themselves, " Ya know, I look pretty good without the hair?" Has anyone ever thought that they were more attractive?

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As a newcomer here, I have so much reading to catch up to! :-) Anyway, this is my first reply to a question I find very interesting myself.

I think I look better without the hair. I've been trying out several types of "hiding items" such as wigs, bandanas, patches of hair, clips... But I didn't feel free until I learned how to leave the house without my wig or bandana.

Today I don't miss the hair at all, only the physical sides. The eyebrows for instance, are very good at stopping things from falling in the eyes... ;-) I'm often told that I look good without the hair and I haven't had any problems in the worklife or privately.
Hi Anna,

I feel similar to you. I was just not comfortable with the wig and HAD to find another way to deal with my alopecia. So I basically took the same root as you.
I don't know if we are prettier or more attractive or not... what I do know is that I like to have a shiny and smooth skin and to do not have to shave every morning. Maybe that is because I never knew it in any other way, but what I do know is that I see more advantadges than disadvantadges in being bald (you can change your look ev'ry time u want to, you don't have to dry your hair after having a shower, your skin is much softer,,, etc, etc, etc...) I like it and it's part of my personality, and I don't ever want this to change!! And if somebody does not like the way I look... well... I have no problems and no prejudices against anybody, so if somebody has it's not my problem :)
I've always been a hottie... with or without - lol - ;)
I agree skin! ;)
I never, ever thought I'd say this, but, since I shaved my head last week, I've caught myself looking in the mirror & saying......WOW!! Not bad!
But, I think it helps that I finally ditched the "I'm hiding this" attitude & said the heck with it!
And, I think it helps that my husband is so supportive.
I have to say that when my hair frist went down the drain, I was concerned that my head was not a good shape. The fact I played contact sports all my life and had a full head of hair sine I came into this world, just did not know what to expect. The fact is my head has a great shape and If I have to bald glad to have the head I do.
I'm 28 and started shaving my head quite a few years ago. It was a whole new look for me and I really liked it. Felt I looked better than I ever did with hair. Now I have alopecia areata and have spots showing up all over my beard area and the back of my head. I've just started dealing with it. I hate the fact that they don't know what causes it and the treatments are based on doctor's experiences and experimentation rather than on evidence based treatments.

I guess I'm lucky that I'm already bald so it's not near as dramatic for me. I like my bald head, but the areata patches really suck. :)
well Jamie as a matter of fact I have thought I looked pretty good without it. I especially feel this way when Im dressed up and have my makeup on. It's almost a powerful thing like damn look at that girl!!! Shes unstoppable!!!! BTW Its taken me a few months to get to this point but it is so cool! :)




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