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Comment by Beth yesterday
Hello to any newcomers to Fpb. I will check in periodically. If anyone needstill a terrific support network, you can private message me. I also know some great youtube videos to refer people to that will cheer you up, perhaps. Best wishes
Comment by Kate on April 13, 2016 at 12:21am

You can swim in Dermmatch. The coloring stays on the scalp. But it doesn't provide fullness to the hairshaft. Depending on your hair texture and how thin it is, it may or may not be noticeable. You can test in the shower.

When I swim for recreation, I usually bring a nice sunhat and keep it near the pool to pop on when I am not in the water, and tell myself that wet hair on most people looks thin and just ignore it. When I have snorkeled or participated in water sports, I will wear a bandanna on my head (underwater even) and explain I like to keep my hair out of my eyes, mouth, face, etc. It keeps it looking cute, I keep extra dry ones and swap out a wet/dry one when I am not in the water, and it prevents scalp sunburning (and risk of skin cancer).

Comment by Beth on April 7, 2016 at 2:10am
Hi Ladies,
I am going to keep this "discussion"alive by commenting at least every other week. I know there are more women with Fpb that will need support.
I am closely following the successful and happy news that our AU, AT, AA friends are having with jak inhibitors!! Truly excited that they are learning more about their condition.

I read that one drug company will test it for androgeneticalopecia down the road, the Topical form.
Comment by Snowy on March 29, 2016 at 6:28am
Sorry Beth, I'm new to all of this.
I thought there might be a way of sending a direct message...

Thanks for the info tho'...I will chase it up for sure.

I'm meeting the Freedom Wig rep next week to check out the product and any further advice etc.

Let me know if anyone would like a review of what I see/touch/feel etc...

Thank you again, I will follow up on your direction Beth.

Comment by Beth on March 29, 2016 at 1:50am
I do not see a way to private message you. This option is available in the other discussion groups. I found the best source is Lauren, a woman in her 30s with female pattern hairloss. It's been a few years since she started a website and free youtube videos. You can find both if you search for: cornerofhopeandmane.com. I belong to her "community", and she does charge a monthly fee. In my opinion it is worth it. You can pay for one month only and see how you like it, but send her an inquiry first. There is also a fantastic blog that is free: outofthinhair wig review. This is by a young girl named kellie. She also does many great youtube videos, some on toppers.
Comment by Snowy on March 29, 2016 at 12:37am
Hi Beth,
Thanks for the info. Please forward me any info on toppers etc. I would appreciate it.

In the meantime, I'm continuing to use Regaine etc with the hope of stabilizing.

I've just read about vacuum wigs...they sound terrific! Anybody have experiences with these?

Comment by Beth on March 28, 2016 at 9:23am
Hi Kate, Dianna, Snowy, Emsy,
Did I get everyone, lol!
Thank you for all the information. My teenage daughter was actually diagnosed last January. We went to a doctor within the International Hair Restoration Surgeons (something like that) to find a dermatologist. He had her try things that did not work, in her case: laser cap and prp. Now we went to Rogaine5% once a day, even though most doctors say 2x a day.

Ladies, I am in contact with another mom going through the same thing. It's tough when it's your teenager. So that is why I joined alopecia world and other sites.
SNOWY: I will not advertise any site, but if you wish to know a good topper/wig support website, I can pm you. For swimming: I also spent a lot of money on a spray-in product from Canada that is waterproof. It comes with a shampoo to wash it out. It is listed on the NAAF website. My daughter hasn't used it yet because her plans changed. It's called Volluma. It's like a waterproof spray on Toppik-like that is expensive.if interested call and talk to the representative before you order it because you have to apply it a specific way. She said when you first spray the fibers on they appear white ( may appear white in some cases), then you spray on another product that comes with it and it becomes the correct color.
My daughter has a great frame of mind now. But, I am always on many sites figuring out if there will be more treatments coming for aga, and I believe there will be. Kate: yes, thank goodness for the internet, as so many young women with similar conditions have helped me with Acceptance. My daughter currently has a good outlook, but honestly, it's hard with my teenager to talk about it. I think she's just focused on fun, prom, work.
Let's keep this discussion alive, even if we just check back 1 or 2x a week. I was sad the last year when I realized there were no support discussions for AGA. Thank you, ladies!
Comment by Snowy on March 28, 2016 at 1:45am
Hi Dianna 845,
Hope you are well. I'm not up to the wig stage yet, but I know by the end of the year I'll need something I.e topper, crown extension etc.
I'm sorry to hear about Your hair. I understand the feeling of being forced to find alternatives. I think the original had plenty going for it.

Does anybody else have experience with toppers? Wigs ? Etc for AGA women?

KATE: Can you go swimming with Dermmatch?

Comment by Dianna 845 on March 27, 2016 at 9:41pm
Hi Snowy. I too am new to the club so to speak. Trying to adjust. Wigs are so expensive. Would much rather not be forced into something but that's life. I realize my life is changed forever. I always had baby fine hair. Now androgen alopecia has claimed it. It's life altering for sure.
Comment by Kate on March 27, 2016 at 6:40pm

I LOVE dermmatch. I have curly hair, so in using it I get a camouflage of scalp coverage and can use my own hair's fullness to have the loft and volume for 3D coverage. I recently also started using Toppik after the dermmatch on my dry hair, The tiny little particles add some bulk, to my hair which helps it have more volume as well. I understand I am very lucky to have naturally curly hair, even though it's so thin, as it really helps me fake a fuller head of hair (make no mistake, it still is visibly thin).

I have no idea if it stabilizes. I would imagine yes for some people, and for others it will continue to a full stage 5. I don't find I shed excessively anymore. I don't think I ever went through major shedding phases actually (except for the postpartum hair loss after my recent pregnancy). My hair just seems to never fully grow back after normal shedding.

For me, I've tried to put my energy into finding acceptance with thin hair. It's so alluring to look for treatments and cures, but I try to remind myself that if hair loss was curable, then we wouldn't see nearly as many bald men running around either. ;-)


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